Crochet Crush – October 2022 – Espiritu Del Sol

As summer drifts further from our reach, as frosty mornings replace hazy warm morning, as Mother Nature begins to rest her weary head, while putting on her most beautiful show of all the seasons, there could not be a better time to pick up your crochet hook and yarn, and spend every minute of your spare time, hooking up your own personal masterpiece.
After a beautiful summer, a hot one at that, I hadn’t picked my hook up in such a long time, it’s just been too warm to sit under the Phoenix blanket, I’m currently making. (Phoenix is one of, Vanessa from Hooked On Sunshine, beautiful masterpieces.)
Crochet has been far from my mind, until I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this photo, posted by Hooked on sunshine.

After seeing it, I couldn’t get my housework done quick enough. All I wanted to do was pick up my hook and finish my Phoenix journey so I can begin my next crochet adventure, making Hooked On Sunshines new design, Espiritu Del Sol.
In truth it’s been a long time since I had been inspired, or had that delicious feeling that Espiritu Del Sol, has brought.
I truly can not find the words to describe, what just seeing the photo of Vanessa’s masterpiece has stirred inside of me. All I know is a flame has been ignited and burns fiercer than ever before.
I can not thank Vanessa, enough for that. I didn’t realise how lost Part of my soul was, without the creative outlet and therapeutic calm crochet gives me.

So let me tell you a little more about, Espiritu Del Sol by Vanessa at, Hooked on Sunshine.
Espiritu Del Sol is being held as a paid, crochet along (CAL) over on Hooked on sunshines, Facebook Group.
You can purchase the pattern, here and here.
It is a 12 Part CAL including the border.
Part 1 was released on the 30th of September 2022, so plenty of time to catch up if you want to stitch along with thousand of other creative souls.
A new part will be released once a week on Friday and is added to your library (where you purchased – either Ravelry or Hooked On Sunshine website).
The final part, the border, will be released on the 16th of December 2022, which is fabulous timing if you want to gift your Espiritu Del Sol for, dare I say it, Christmas. 🎄 

Espiritu Del Sol is worked to make a 125 x 125cm blanket and is written in US terminology. Please remember depending on the yarn, hook and your tension, you will end up with a difference in size.
You will need to be an Advanced/Adventurous Intermediate crocheted, but I’m sure with Vanessa’s extremely well written pattern, anyone can have ago.
I often find that setting yourself hard goals, is an excellent way of learning and with Vanessa’s Facebook group community behind you, there will be an Mammoth amount of help available to you if you need it. The pattern includes round for round instructions with each part and also detailed photo tutorials with each part.

In the prelude, which Vanessa includes in all her patterns, you will find detailed stitch tutorials, yarn quantities used for the colourways and many many more bits of useful info.
Once you have purchased the pattern, the prelude will be available in your, either in you library Ravelry or on the Hooked On Sunshine website, depending on where you purchased the pattern.
Vanessa has put an impressive amount of time, hard work, and a mammoth amount of information into the prelude, it’s pretty monumental. Trust me when I say, this will be your bible. 

As for Materials you can use any yarn of your choice ( Vanessa used ColourSpun DK and a 4mm hook.).
You will also need stitch makers which are available to buy online. Etsy have some rather special ones.
You will also need a needle for weaving in your ends. I use these. Be warned if you are in the UK, they take a while to get to you. I’m still waiting on my new set.

Don’t fret, if you struggle with putting a colour pallet together, Vanessa has you covered. She has put together two majestic colour ways and also a monotone timeless classic. 
There are 3 yarn kits available which can be purchased here.
They are all stunning in their own right and I feel you may have trouble picking just one. My personal favourite is colourway 3. You can never go wrong with a timeless colourway and make the perfect heirloom.

Colourway 1
This kit is manufactured by Colourspun Yarn in South Africa. Hand Dyed, Air-dried & Balled by Hand.
It is DK Pure Cotton and you get 62 balls- 7750 metres / 8476 yards

Colourway 2
This kit is manufactured by Moya Yarn in South Africa. Hand Dyed, Air-dried & Balled by Hand.
It is a 4 PLY Shimmer (50% Bamboo & 50% Cotton) and you get, 56 balls – 7000 metres / 7655 yards

And Colourway 3
This kit is manufactured by Moya Yarn in South Africa. Air-dried & Balled by Hand. It is DK Cotton and you get 47 balls – 6345 metres / 6939 yards

What else can I tell you about Espiritu Del Sol?  
Well I think I will let Vanessa do the talking, after all it’s her genius mind that has given us the honour of making, the incredible Espiritu Del Sol.

Vanessa wrote, 

Espiritu Del Sol has been a celebration of both colour and life. When the world was reaching the end of year two with coronavirus, what started out as a cro-doodle (crochet doodle) turned into an escape from the gloom of the world and into an explosion of ALL the colours and hours and hours of researching the most amazing Mexican folk art for inspiration.
I have taken myself on such an adventure, artistically (we won’t mention mathematically! LOL), through the design process and, funnily and rather unexpectedly, had a bit of a life adventure also.
So many reasons to celebrate life and those we love, and all that makes us happy.
I so hope that you will enjoy your adventure into the Spirit of the Sun.
Beeeeeg Loves, Ness xx

I am absolutely buzzing to start my own Espiritu Del Sol blanket, so excuse me when I get back to my Phoenix so I can get her finished and then come and join you all, on the Espiritu Del Sol creative journey. 

Before I say my too-da-loos, let me give you a few links, so you can find all Vanessa’s outstanding patterns and so much more.
You can find Vanessa’s Website, Hooked On Sunshine  here
Ravelry here.
Instagram here.
Facebook here.
Hooked on sunshine’s, Facebook group here.
YouTube here.
And Etsy here.

Lastly I must say a huge thank you to Vanessa and her talented tester for all your incredibly hard work, as well as getting me out of my crochet slump and an extra huge thank you to Vanessa, for allowing me to share your sensational new design Espiritu Del Sol, with you all, as well as her stunning photographs. It’s been an honour.

Have a hooktastic day.
Stay safe, stay true, stay you. 
Too-da-loo for now.


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