As we’ve grown.

I’m not as slim, my face isn’t line free, my tummy is unsightly, my muscle tone is definitely not what it use to be, I ache where I never knew it was possible, my energy levels have near on disintegrated and I stress, worry and think way more than I should and to top that off I grow shorter by the day.😂
You lovely locks have vanished, crows feet are slowly leaving their mark, baggies have replaced your dancing shoes, coffee replaced Jack Daniels.🥃 Stresses, trails and tribulations pushed out our once care free attitude. Late nights and morning hangovers are now our distance past, replaced with a cosy night in with pj’s and a movie.
We’ve grown older, moanier, stubborner, grumpier than we ever imagined we would but we’ve done it all together.👵🏻👴🏻
We’ve had great times, sad times and damn right hard times, the last year being up there as one of the worst but we got through it and we are still standing but more importantly we are still in love and content in each others company.❤️
I am so very grateful to you for standing by me when my life/health changed overnight, throwing life as we knew it upside down, for loving me no matter how grave the situation became.
You are for sure one in a million and I love you from the bottom of my heart.
No matter what the future holds, be it happy, sad, easy or hard, I know between us we can get through it as we always have TOGETHER.
Happy 25th Anniversary.

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