Emily Shinkfield – Update.

I have now received the certificates that I was waiting for, for last weeks 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks, challenge, about Emily Shinkfield.

Emily’s death certificate confirms that she was is buried at, Southampton Old Cemetery, Southampton, in Row C, Block 173, Number 68, along with my dads ancestors, Ethel Ellen, John Henry and Matilda Hatcher.
I really have no idea why she is buried with them but I have since noticed that Emily and Matilda, were both buried on the same date, 22.08.1931, which gives only more unanswerable questions. I have emailed the Southampton archives to see if they can shed any light on the mystery.

Emily died on the 18th August 1931 at, 13 Laburnum Road, Southampton, Hampshire.

Cause of death was, Carcinomas of the Pancreas.            Her husband Alfred William Wheeler Registered her death on the 19th August and he was working as a Nights Watchman at the Gas Works.


I have also received Matthias Shinkfield and Amelia Shinkfield nee Penny’s death certificates.

Matthias died on the 27th July 1866, at 4 Princess Street, Southampton. Cause of death was Asiatic Cholera. Sarah Dowell was the informant and present at his death.


And Amelia died on the 14th March 1906 at 23 Deal Street, Southampton. Her cause of death was Bronchitis. Ethel Wheeler was present at her death and informant.


For more information on Emily, click here.




I have brought and paid for all the certificates throughout Intwined.blog, please do not download them or use them without my permission.

6 thoughts on “Emily Shinkfield – Update.

  1. Yet another mystery Georgina ,I wonder how they both died on the same day,.Thank you for finding out facts about my Great Grandmothers life that I knew nothing about ,It is all very intriguing, It is no wonder you are so into it .lots of love Nan X X X

    Liked by 1 person

    • It gets stranger still Nan, you’ll have to read more in tomorrow blog post. I’m so glad you are finding it interesting and I’m not boring you to death. . Lots of love, G x


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