Emily Forhead – 52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks, Week 17

Is it what happens to us ?
or is it what we make it?

I would like to believe that it’s the latter , but I also believe fate or our already written destiny has a huge role to play.

Some peoples lives are one massive advantage, while others, sadly live to work, never getting past the point of paying the bills, keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. Stuck in that middle class rut, boarding the path to poverty, feeling as they have failed at life, with no way of escaping poverty, wishing they could somehow begin to work to live.

Our ancestry shows us this over and over again and this weeks ancestor is no exception. So I’ll stop rambling on and tell you all about the life of Emily, my maternal, Great, Great, Great-Grandmother.

Emily Forhead, was born of the 28th January 1845 in the parish of Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Daughter of Charles Forhead and Ann Forhead Nee Orchard.

Emily Forhead, Birth Certificate

Emily Forhead Birth Index

At the time of her birth, her father was working as a Labourer and residing in the Parish of Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England. He registered her birth on the 8th February 1845.

Emily was christened on the 25th January 1845 at Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.


Her sister, Sarah Forhead, was born between the months of October and December 1846, in the Isle of Wight, district.

Sarah Forhead Birth Index

Her brother George Forhead, was born between the months of January to March 1849 in the, Isle of Wight, District.

George Forhead Birth Index

And the another brother, Walter Forhead, was born between the months of October and December 1850, in the Isle of Wight, district.

Walter Forhead Birth Index

The 1851 census shows Emily, her father Charles, her mother Ann, and her siblings, Jane, Frank, Clement, Erena, Harry, Henry, Sarah, George and Walter living at Carisbrooke Street, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. Charles and his son Frank were working as Agricultural Labourers and Clement was working as a Ploughboy.
Their neighbors were Henry Tayler, his wife Fanny and their son’s, William and James. Also William Morris and his wife Emma.

Name Age
Charles Forhead 40
Ann Forhead 41
Jane Forhead 17
Frank Forhead 15
Clement Forhead 12
Erena Forhead 9
Harry Forhead 8
Emily Forhead 6
Sarah Forhead 4
George H Forhead 2
Walter Forhead 6 Mo

Emily Forhead 1851

Charles and Ann, welcomed a new daughter into the household about 1855. I don’t seem to be able to find a birth records for her at the moment, but she’s there in black and white in the next census.

August 1895 brought sorrow to the Forhead family. Charles and Ann’s, first born Henrietta Jane Forhead died in the July quarter 1895 on the Isle of Wight.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.14.22

She was laid to rest on the 31st August 1859, at St. Mary’s, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.16.12

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of Emily in the 1861 census. I’ve found her family still living at Carisbrooke Street, Carisbrooke.
Charles and Henry were working as Jobbing labourers.

Name Age
Charles Forhead 49
Ann Forhead 40
Irene Forhead 18
Henry Forhead 16
Sarah Forhead 12
George Forhead 10
Walter Forhead 8
Elizabeth Forhead 6

Charles Forhead 1861

Emily marries Edward Sweet, son of Robert And Martha Stroud, at The Register Office, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, on the 19th November 1864.
Edward Sweet was working as a Farm Labourer, so were Edward’s and Emily’s fathers, Robert Sweet and Charles Forhead.
Emily and Edwards witnesses were, W Lock and John Wilson Fardell.
Edward signed with a X.

edward Sweet and Emily Forhead Marriage Certificate

Emily Forhead Marriage Index

Between the months of January and March 1865 in the Isle of Wight district, Emily gave birth to her first born, a son. They named him, Robert Charles Sweet.

Robert Charles Sweet, Birth Index

Emily then gave birth to her first daughter, Annie Sweet, between the months of July and September 1867, in the Isle of Wight district.

Anne Sweet, Birth Index

On the 12 October 1869, Emily gave birth to my Great, Great- Grandfather George Frederick Sweet, at Parkcross, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.

George Frederick Sweet, Birth Certificate

George Fredrick Sweet Birth Index

Edward was working as a General Labourer.
He registered George Frederick’s birth on the 20th November 1869.

On the 2nd April the 1871 census was taken, which shows Emily, her husband Edward and their three children, Robert, Annie and George residing at Bedford Row, Carisbrooke.
Charles was working as a General Labourer.
Their neighbors were, Isaac Prangnell and Emily’s, father, mother and brother, Charles Forhead, Ann Forhead nee Orchard and George H Forhead.

Name Age
Edward Sweet 29
Emily Sweet 26
Robert C Sweet 6
Anne Sweet 3
George Sweet 1

In the October-December quarter 1874, in the Isle of Wight district, Emily gave birth to James Sweet.

James Sweet Birth Index

Robert Charles Sweet, Annie Sweet, were baptised on the 8th September 1872, at St. John’s the Baptist, Carisbrooke, Hampshire. I can not find a christening for George.

Emily gave birth to Elizabeth Sweet on the 22nd June 1876, at Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire


Elizabeth was baptised on the 16th July 1876 at St John’s, Carisbrooke, Hampshire.

Elizabeth Sweet, Christening

Emily then gave birth to Minnie Sweet, on the 1st April 1878, in the Isle of Wight, district.

Minnie Sweet Birth Index

Emily kept going and gave birth to her fourth daughter, Martha Emma Sweet, on the 26 April 1880 at Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Martha Emma Sweet, Birth Index

Martha was baptised on the 19th May 1880 at The United Methodist, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Emily must have been exhausted, with one birth after another. How she found the time or energy with 7 children, to get down jiggy with it, I will never know. I think she deserves a well earned rest.

The 1881 census was taken on the 3rd April. Emily, Edward and their children Elizabeth, Robert, Minnie, Annie, Martha, George and James are residing at Barton’s Village, Whippingham, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.
Edward was working as a Fish Monger and Robert as an Errands Boy.
Their neighbors were, William Deacan, his wife Jane, their children Ernest and Louisa, also their son in-law, George Sibback.

Name Age
Edward Sweet 41
Emily Sweet 36
Robert Sweet 16
Annie Sweet 13
George Sweet 11
James Sweet 7
Elizabeth Sweet 4
Minnie Sweet 3
Martha E. Sweet 11

Emily Forhead 1881

1883, sees the death of Emily’s mother, Ann Forhead nee Orchard, between the months of April to June 1883 in the Isle of Wight district.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.52.54

Emily gives birth to her  8th child, her fourth son, William Edward Sweet, in the April – June quarter at Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

William Edward Sweet, Birth Index

William Edward Sweet, was baptised on the 16th June 1886 at The United Methodist, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Emily’s child bearing days were nearly over, as on the 16th March 1890, she gave birth to her last child, a daughter, Bessie Alice Sweet.
Bessie was born at Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

Bessie Alice Sweet, Birth Index

She was baptised on the 20th April 1890 at Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Bessie Alice Sweet, Christening

The 1891 census was taken on the 5th April, which finds the Sweet family residing at, High Street, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.
Edward and their son James, were working as Fish Mongers. 🐠
Their neighbors were, Joseph Jacobs, his wife Anne and their son Edward.
Also Henry Taylor, his wife Alice, their daughter Rosa and a lodger called James Fern.

Name Age
Edward Sweet 52
Emily Sweet 46
James Sweet 17
Minnie Sweet 13
William Sweet 5
Bessie Sweet 1

1891 Emily Forhead

The 1901 census finds Emily, Edward, William and Bessie, residing at 2 Bay Cottage, St Helen’s, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.
They had, Walter Sweetman, boarding with them.
Edward was still Fish Mongering. 🐟
Their neighbors were, Elizabeth Saunders, her son Charles, her niece Theresa Brown and a visitor Jane Chapel.
Also Walter H Dallimore, his wife Mercy and their two sons, Henry and Reginald.

Name Age
Edward Sweet 62
Emily Sweet 56
William Sweet 15
Bessie Sweet 11
Walter Sweetman 35

1901 Emily Forhead

The 1911 census finds Emily, Edward, Bessie Hadden nee Sweet, their grandson Edward Hadden and their Lodger William Sweetman, still residing at 2 Bay Cottage, Marlborough Road, High Park, Elmfield Near Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.
Emily and Edward had been married 46 years.
They have had 10 children born alive, 9 still living, 1 deceased.
Edwards occupation was listed as a Hawker (Retired).

Name Age
Edward Sweet 75
Emily Sweet 66
Bessie Hadden 21
Edward Hadden 1
Walter Sweetman 45
1911 Emily Forhead


Finding a deceased child, who hasn’t been named on the census’s, is always a tricky task but I think I have found the name of Emily and Edwards son. Without a paper trail it is a guessing game and can only be 100% confirmed by ordering different death certificates, in hopes you’ve ordered the correct one.
The possibly deaths were,

Herbert Sweet, Dec 1870, age 6.
Harry George Sweet, Dec 1877, aged 0
John Sweet, June 1888, aged 0.

Herbert Sweet, mothers maiden name was Sargeant, so it couldn’t be him.
Harry Sweet’s mothers maiden name was Yates, so it wasn’t him.
I then looked up, John Sweet, and there in black and white, was the maiden name Forhead.

So Emily and Edward, had a baby boy called, John Sweet, in the Jan quarter of 1888 in the Isle of Wight, district.

John Sweet 1888 birth index

John died in the June quarter of 1888, in the, Isle of wight district, aged 0
I have ordered his certificates, to clarify I have the right information. As I only ordered them yesterday, I will update you when I can, sorry to keep you waiting.

John Sweet 1888, death index

On the 8th June 1914, Emily’s husband, Edward Sweet, died at Heathercroft, Carriage Drive, Elmfield, St Helens, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.

His cause of death was listed as, “Properly Heart Failure.”
Robert Charles Sweet, Edward and Emily’s son registered his death on the 10th June 1914.

Edward Sweet, Death Certificate

Edward Sweet Death Index

Emily buried her husband on the 10th June 1914, at St. Johns, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Edward Sweet, Burial

Only a few years later, Emily died. She passed away on the 7th February 1917, at Nelson Cottage, Somerset road, Elmfield, St Helens, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.
Emily died from Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema also from Cardiac Arrhythmia. Bessie Hadden nee Sweet, registered her death on the 7th February 1917.

Emily Sweet Nee Forhead, Death Certificate.jpg

Emily Forhead, Death Index

Emily was buried on the 10th February 1917 at St. Johns, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Emily Sweet:Forhead Burial

Emily lived, what we call a normal, box standard life, thankfully without death stalking around every corner. But does that normal, everyday life, mean we won’t remember her? That she should fade away, never to be thought about again?
Look at it this way, if it wasn’t for Emily and Edward, life as I know it and the lives of all her descendants, wouldn’t exist, so I for one, will remember Emily, I will be grateful for her childbearing days and the love, the guidance and the sacrifices she gave to her family.

Great, Great, Great-Grandmother
Emily Forhead,
May your memory be eternal.


I have brought and paid for all certificates throughout Intwined.blog. Please do not download or use them without my permission.

5 thoughts on “Emily Forhead – 52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks, Week 17

  1. Hi Georgina. Have just had a catch-up as you wetted my appetite so I re-joined Ancestry & have been a slave to it for the last month or so. In 1911 two of my great aunts were in the Orphan Asylum as inmates but that was because both their parents (my great grandparents, parents of my maternal grandfather) died in 1906. Would you believe that their mother (my great grandmother) was living in Princes Street in 1871!!! On the other side of my family, my father’s maternal side, the Southwells, there is the Wellow/Lockerley connection & a lot of Ag Labs. We have rather a lot in common regarding our ancestors. I am not as clever as you. You are bringing them to life with this blog. Mine are just names & dates. Thank you for getting me going again. I just wish I could have started my tree when my parents/grandparents were around, so many questions without answers.
    Love Lyn x


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