Alice Maria Money – 52Ancestors In 52 Weeks – Week 37

I often talk about those tricky ancestors whom like to play a good old game of hide and seek, well this weeks ancestor is one of them, from different dates of birth to places of birth, and constant name changes, she’s not the easiest to pinpoint.
And even though I can’t be 100% certain about a few details, she definitely not boring to research and keeps me on my toes. It would be rather frustrating if everyone life’s just fall in my lap, without my having to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 
I find that the harder I have to delve, the more connected I become to that ancestor.
As I’ve said before the Money, the O’Connor and the Kirby family’s of my Maternal tree are all mind boggling and at times more than frustrating but with that said, they test me to new limits every time I try to discover a little more about them. They help me grow my research skills, as I try different methods to try and find the smallest details about their life’s and lifestyles and even though they have broke me on many occasion, my will does not subside, it only grows.
This week you will hopefully see how tricky, family research can be, that risks have to be taken in hopes you will succeed in the end. That money needs to be spent to clarify certain information. Family research is one expensive hobby especially if you want to get it right.
The monthly subscriptions alone aren’t cheap and with added costs for certificates or military records, dna test, etc, etc it soon leaves you purse or wallet empty. Though I do not mind spending the little pocket money I have on buying certificates and paying for my subscriptions, I hope that when my days are done, that all the time, hard work, money and love I have put into documenting our history, will be cherished by my descendants and won’t be tossed out with the trash.
Talking about money, it’s my Money branch of our tree that I’ve revisited this week and I would like to share with you the life of my 3rd Great Grandmother Alice Maria Money.
So without further ado, I give you a snippet into her life.

Alice Maria (Mary?) Money was born about 1853, in London, England, to John Money and Mary Ann Skelton.
The census returns give different places of birth. The 1861 census gives her birth location as Clerkenwell, the 1871 and 1881 also state Clerkenwell, the 1891 and 1911 show her birth location as, Holborn and the 1901 gives it as London.
They also give different years of birth,
The 1861 gives her birth year as 1852, the 1871 census states 1851, the 1881 census states 1855 as does the 1891,
1901 gives 1856 as her birth year and the 1911 census, gives it as 1851.
I ordered a pdf certificate for the most likely possibility, unfortunately it arrived yesterday morning and I believe it is the wrong one, as it only gives a mother’s name, Elizabeth Money.


So yesterday I ordered the next possibility. It should arrive late next week so hopefully I will be able to update you with the correct information. Fingers crossed. 🤞

67093C43-56A4-4A28-A46F-B4F05736221COn the 7th April 1861, Alice Maria, was residing at Number 4, Shepparton Street, St Mary’s, Islington, England, with her Father John, her Mother Mary Ann, her Aunt Elizabeth Money and a border Eliza Sharman.
John was working as a Plumber Master, employer of 1 man, 1 boy. Alice is named Maria on this census.

Name Age
John Money 47
Mary Ann Money 47
Maria Money 9
Elizabeth Money 29
Eliz Sharman 59


Ten years later and the next documentation I have for Alice Maria Money is the 1871 census, which shows Alice Maria residing at, Number 4, Grange Road, Islington, Middlesex, England, on the 2nd April 1871. She was a Domestic Housemaid for Jane Pegg. Once again she was named as Maria.

Name Age
Jane Pegg 52
Esther King 42
Elizabeth Berry 29
Maria Morsey (Money) 20


In March 1877, Alice Maria was a Dressmaker and was residing at Barnsbury Street, Islington, Middlesex, England. 
Alice was heavily pregnant and single.

 On the 22nd March, Alice, gave birth to a son, my Great, Great Grandfather at, Clerkenwell Workhouse, London, England . She named his Harry Herbert Money.
Alice registered Harry’s birth on 28th March.
No Father was named on the birth certificate.


Alice baptised, Harry Herbert Money, on April 1st 1877, at St. James Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. 


Their Adobe was given as the Workhouse.


In the August of 1879, Alice had moved residence, to Number 29, Nichols Street, Horton Old Town, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.
She was working as a Domestic Servant and once again was heavily pregnant.
From what I can gather online, Nichols Street, which I believe is now called Old Nichol Street, Shoreditch, was the worse of the Victorian slums. How awful it would have been to live in the slums of London. We really don’t know how lucky we are.

Alice gave birth to a second Son, George Edwin Money, on the 12th August 1879, at Number 29, Nichols Street, Horton Old Town, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.
Alice registered his birth on the 23rd September.
She didn’t give his birth fathers name.


The 1881 census shows that Alice, and her two Sons, Harry and George were boarding at, Number 29, Nichols Street, Horton Old Town, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.
A man named William George Willats was visiting.
Through dna I can now confirm that he is/was the Father of Alice Maria Money’s Children, Harry and George.
William George was working as a Commercial Traveler aka salesman. Alice Maria was a Dressmaker.
Alice and William were using their middle names, Maria and George.

Name Age
Maria Money 26
Harry Money 4
George Money


Alice’s father John Money, died on February 9th 1882, when he was 68 years old at Number 119, Shepperton Road, Islington, Middlesex, England. His cause of death was from Paralysis, 3 years. John’s nephew J Martin registered his death on the 11th February 1882. John’s profession was given as House Painter on his death certificate.


Alice buried her father, John on the 15th February 1882, at Islington and St Pancras Cemetery, Finchley, Islington, Middlesex, in grave reference Z/3/10669


Alice was pregnant and had a third Son, shortly after her father died.
She called him Arthur Richard Money.
Arthur Richard Money/Willats was born on the 1st May 1882,  at Number 24, Chatterton Road, Islington, Middlesex, England.


His Mother Alice Money was residing at Number 114, Gillespie Road, Islington. 


Alice registered Arthur’s birth on the 12th June 1882.
Alice was working as a dressmaker.
No Father was named on Arthur’s birth certificate.


Alice Maria Money, married William George Willats, at The Register Office, Islington, Middlesex, England, on December 23, 1882, when she was 26 years old. Alice was a spinster and William was a bachelor. William was working as a Commercial Traveller. Alice was residing at, Number 3, Monsell Villas, Monsell Road, Islington and William at, Number 61, Ambler Road, Islington. Their witnesses were Eliza and Amelia Willats.


Alice gave birth to her fourth Son, Frank Leslie Willats, at Number 36, Maroon Street, Limehouse, Middlesex, England, in the October- December quarter of 1884


Alice’s Mother Mary Ann Money nee Skelton, died in the January-March quarter of 1885, in the Poplar district. I have ordered her death certificate, so please keep an eye out for updates.


Alice gave birth to her first Daughter between the months of July and August 1887, in the Edmonton district.
Alice and William named her Daisy Jean Maria Willats.


Alice had a second daughter, On the 10th February 1890. Poppy Cameron Eliza Willats, was born at Number 31, Avenell Road, Islington, Middlesex, England.


Poppy’s Father William, was working as a Bailiff and House Agent. He registered Poppy’s birth on the 25th March 1890.
I do have a copy of her birth certificate but feel it wouldn’t be right to share it as I was kindly given a copy  by a distant but lovely relative.
You can order a copy with the below information.


Alice Maria and William George Willats, baptised their sons, Arthur Richard, Frank Leslie and their daughter Daisy, on the 20th March 1890, at Finsbury Park, St. Thomas, Middlesex, England. They were residing at Number 31, Avenell Road., Finsbury, Islington, Middlesex, England. 
Alice’s Husband, William George Willats, was working as a Agent.
Arthur Richard Money, was baptised in the name Willats.


Alice Maria and William George Willats, baptised, George Edwin and Poppy, at St. Thomas, Finchley, Middlesex, England, on the March  25th 1890
William was working as an agent. The family were residing at Number 31, Avenell Road, Finsbury, Islington, Middlesex. George Edwin Money was baptised in the name Willats.


Alice Maria Willats nee Money, was residing at Number 35, Fonthill Road, Islington, Middlesex, England, on April 5th 1891, with her Husband William George Willats and their Children, Frank Leslie, Daisy, Poppy, Harry(Henry), George and Arthur. She once again gave her name as Maria.


Her Husband, William was working as a Agent. They occupied 2 rooms.

Name Age
William George Willa A 37
Maria Willa A 36
Henry Willa A 14
George Willa A 11
Arthur Willa A 8
Leslie Willa A 6
Darcy Willa A 3
Poppy Willa A 1


Alice gave birth to her 3rd daughter, Lily Milly Hilda Willats, in the January-March quarter of 1893, in the Islington district.


Alice and William baptised their daughter Lily on the 16th February 1893, at St. Thomas, Finsbury, Middlesex, England.
William George was working as a Bailiff.


Their adobe was Lillieshall Road.

Lillieshall Road.

Heartbreak followed a few short years later, on February 14th 1897, when her Husband William George died at home, Number 44, Gillespie Road, Islington, Middlesex, England. He was only 43 years young.
William died from, Cerebral Haemorrhage Coma Syncope. This Sister Charlotte Crosby’s nee Willats, was present at his death and registered it on the 16th February 1897.
Williams occupation was given as Estate Bailiff.


Alice Maria, buried her Husband, William George Willats, at Abney Cemetery, in grave 092431, on the 18th February 1897.
Their adobe was, 44 Gillespie Road, Islington, Middlesex, England.
William was buried with his Mother, Eliza Willats nee Cameron, who died at the age of 59 and was buried on the 29th November 1894.


Alice Maria Willats, was residing at Number 54, Canning Road, Islington, Middlesex, England, on the 31st March 1901, when the census was taken.


Her Daughters, Daisy, Poppy and Lillie, were residing with her. Alice was living off her own means. They also had a lodger called Sophia H Taylor and a niece called Alice B Daylor, residing with them.

Name Age
Alice Willats 45
Daisy Willats 13
Poppy Willats 11
Lillie Willats 8
Sophia H Taylor 57
Alice B Daylor 16


Alice’s Daughter, Daisy Jean Maria Willats, died on the 2nd December 1905, at Number 119, Blackstock Road, Stock Newington, England.
Daisy was only 18.
Daisy died from, Acute Rheumatism (12 attack’s since childhood), Nodular disease of the heart (4 years), Lobular Pneumonia (3 days).
Edith Cameron Chalton Nee Willats, Daisy’s Aunt, registered her death on the 4th December 1905, she was also present at her death.

Daisy Jean Maria Willats, Death Certificate

Alice Maria Willats nee Money, was residing at Number 16, Springdale Road, Stoke Newington, London, England, on the 2nd April 1911. 


The census states that she has been married for 36 years, she has had 7 children, 6 living and 1 whom has died. No occupation was given. Her Daughter In Law, Eleanor Mary Willats nee Kirby and Eleanor and Harry Herbert Willats Children,  Harry Richard Thomas Willats and Reginald George Wilfred Willats were residing in the same building. I have no idea where Harry Herbert was, as I can not find a census return for him.

Name Age
Alice Maria Willats 60


Over the next few years, Alice’s lost a few more of her children, one being my Great, Great Grandfather. She welcomed, new Son and Daughter In-laws, as her children married and became a Grandmother to lots of children.

Alice Maria Money died on April 9, 1934, at Hill House, Minster, Thanet, Kent, England, which was, The Workhouse in Isle of Thanet, Kent.
She died from Hypostatic Congestion of lungs, due to injury to her right hip caused on the 9th February 1934, when she fall on the floor in her residence, Number 15, Vicarage Street, St Peters, Broadstairs Thanet.

15 Vicarage Street, St Peters, Broadstairs Thanet.
An inquest was held on the 12th April 1934.


I am still desperately trying to find her resting place, unfortunately I haven’t managed to yet. To me personally, it’s very important to know where she lays. 
Though I know she will not be close, and visiting her grave will mean a road trip, I just feel I need to know where she is. I wonder if it was in the grounds of Hill House Workhouse/Hospital. Of course, if I find her, I will share my findings with you.

May she Rest in Peace.
Alice Maria Money.



I have brought and paid for all certificates throughout Please do not download or use them without my permission.
Thank you.

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  1. You have. Found out so much about Alice Georgina I think you are amazing, until you started your research all I knew of her was her name so thank you very much well done .love Nan X X X

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