Joseph Newell – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 36

“When someone you love dies, and you’re not expecting it, you don’t lose them all at once; you lose them in pieces over a long time — the way the mail stops coming, and their scent fades from the pillows and even from the clothes in the closet and drawers. Gradually, you accumulate the parts of them that are gone. Just when the day comes — when there’s a particular missing part that overwhelms you with the feeling that they’re gone, forever — there comes another day, and another specifically missing part.”
John Irving

If you are one of the lucky ones who haven’t felt the true devastation of grief, you are incredibly lucky and I hope you never have to feel the emotions that can only be felt from a broken heart, from loosing someone you love so deeply. Part of you dies with them and you’re left feeling incomplete.
Of course this kind of grief is not only felt through death, it’s also felt when a relationship fails, or a friendship ends. No matter the cause, the pain is beyond words, beyond healing, beyond anything you can possibly imagine.
Death is part and parcel of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bare, if anything it’s like a turning knife, that is lodged deep within your heart, waiting willingly to inflict pain so great it’s destroys.

When ever I research my Dads family, that indescribable pain from that knife lodged deep within my heart, rushes with full force towards the surface, leaving me willing for life to be different, for my Dad to be here with us.
They say time heals, but truthfully it doesn’t. The what ifs only grow, the longing to see his smile, to hear his voice one more time, overwhelms as saddens engulfs and those silent tears overfill.
But still I keep researching his history, my history, even though the pain becomes unbearable.
So why do I continue to research his family branches?
That’s an easy one to answer.
Because I feel closer to him just knowing just a little about his roots and the people who gave life to one another through the generations. Silly I know but just to know the smallest details, brings him that little bit closer to home.
To know a little of my ancestors struggles, their hardships, their loss, their loves and their joys, helps greatly in an unexplainable way.
To be able to share with you a little piece of that history, is so much more than words on a screen, or facts from census returns, and certificates, it’s celebrating lost loved ones, it’s never forgetting the souls who gave us life. It’s giving a little respect for the ones who came before us, the ones who are written in our dna. It’s the meaning of LIFE.
So without boring you with any more of my endless dribble, I wish to share the life of my 4th Great Grandfather Joseph Newell.
Writing about his life was always going to be a hard. There are so many people out there who connect to our dna, it’s a little scary to share what I know, in case I get something wrong. I’m sure there are relatives out there, that know more than I do, who have delved deeper. I’m no expert, I can only write about what I have discovered as best I can but I’m always wanting, needing to know more, so if you come from the same dna, I truly would love to hear from you.
So without further ado, I give you the life of Joseph Newell. 

Joseph Newell, was born about 1805, at Sherfield English, to Joseph Newell and Mary Newell nee Kemish.
He was christened on the 3rd October 1805, at St Mary’s, Michelmersh, Hampshire, England.


Over the next few years 7 of his 9 siblings were born –
Mary Newell born about 1807, Christened 9th August 1807.
Roda Newell born about 1810/1811, Christened 24th March 1811.
David Newell born about 1814, Christened, 8th May 1814.
Mary Ann born about 1816, Christened, 15th December 1816.
James Newell, born about 1819, Christened 24th October 1819.
Eliza Newell, born about 1822, Christened 10th February 1822.
John Newell, born about 1825, Christened 27th February 1825.


They were all Christened at, St. Mary’s, Michelmersh, Hampshire, England.


Joseph Newell, married Louisa Roude, daughter of William Roude and Anstice Long, on the 29th July 1827, at St. Leonards, Sherfield English, Hampshire.


Their first-born Son, Joseph Newell, my 3rd Great Grandfather, was born  about 1828 at Awbridge. He was Christened at, St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire, on the 26th October 1828

Joseph parents, Joseph Newell and Mary Newell nee Kemish, had two more sons, 
Charles Newell born about 1828, Christened 31st August 1828.
George Newell, born about 1830, Christened 25th April 1830.


They were both Christened at, St. Mary’s, Michelmersh, Hampshire, England.

Joseph Newell and Louisa Newell nee Roude, had their first Daughter, Emma. She was born in, Sherfield English, Hampshire.
Emma was Christened at, St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire, on the 19th, December 1830.


Their second Daughter, Phoebe Newell, was born about 1833. Phoebe was Christened at, St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire, on the 19th May 1833.
All the census for Phoebe give different locations for her birth, either Romsey, Michelmersh or Awbridge.


Joseph and Louisa, had a 2nd Son, Enos Newell. He was born January 26th, 1834 at Sherfield English, Hampshire, England.
Enos was Christened on the 20th July 1834, at St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire.


Joseph and Lousia’s 3rd Daughter was born about 1836, at Sherfield English, Hampshire.
They named her Mary Ann Newell.
She was Christened on the, 14th February 1836, at St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire.


Joseph and Lousia’s 3rd Son, was born in the April-June quarter of 1838, in the Romsey District.
They named him David Newell.
His birth location on the census’s is either given as Awbridge or Michelmersh.


David was christened at, St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire, on the 10th June 1838.


Joseph and Lousia’s 4th Daughter, was born in the January/March quarter of 1840, in the Romsey district.
They named her Sarah Newell.
The census’s give her birth location as, Hampshire, Sherfield, Michelmersh and Romsey.


Sarah Newell was christened on the 29th March 1840, at St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire.


The 1841 census was taken on the 6 June 1841, which shows Joseph, his wife Louisa and their Children, Joseph, Emma, Phoebe, Enos, Mary, David and Sarah, residing at Awbridge, Hampshire.
Joseph was working as a Labourer.

Name Age
Joseph Newell 36
Louisa Newell 36
Joseph Newell 13
Emma Newell 11
Pheby Newell 9
Eneas Newell 7
Mary Newell 5
David Newell 3
Sarah Newell 1


Joseph and Louisa, had two more Daughters, Eliza and Jane, over the next ten years.
Eliza was born in the July/September quarter of 1842, in the Romsey District.
The census gives her birth location as, Sherfield, Michelmersh and Awbridge.


Eliza was Christened at, St. Leonard’s, Sherfield English, Hampshire, on the 23rd July 1843.


And Jane was born in the July/September quarter of 1848, in the Romsey district.
The census returns gives her birth locations as, Sherfield, Michelmersh and Awbridge.


On the 30th March 1851, Joseph was residing in Upper Ratley, Awbridge, Hampshire, England, with his wife Louisa and their Children, Sarah, Joseph, Eliza, Emma, Jane, Enos and Mary Ann.
Joseph was working as a Broom Maker, as was my 3rd Great Grandfather Joseph.
Emma was a Shirt Maker.
Enos was a Ploughboy.
Mary Ann was a Shirt Maker.
Their Daughter Phoebe was working as a general servant, at The Dolphin Inn, High Street, Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, England.

Name Age
Joseph Newell 46
Louisa Newell 46
Joseph Newell 22
Emma Newell 20
Enos Newell 16
Mary Ann Newell 14
Sarah Newell 11
Eliza Newell 8
Jane Newell 2


Jane Newell, Joseph and Lousia’s 6th Daughter, was christened at, St. Mary’s, Michelmersh, Hampshire, on the 28th, January 1855, at the age of 6.


On the 19th November 1852, Joseph’s Mother, Mary Newell nee Kemish, died at Michelmersh, Hampshire.
She was 66 years old and died from, Disease of the heart and Edema of the lungs.
Caroline Newell nee Ventham, was present at her death and registered Mary’s death on the 22nd November 1852.
Mary’s husband Joseph, was working as a Broom Maker at the time of his wife’s death.


Joseph, his Father Joseph and his brothers and Sisters, buried Mary at St. Mary’s, Michelmersh, Hampshire, on the 23rd November 1852.

Joseph lost his father a few years later.
Joseph Newell (senior), died on the 27th December 1860, at Awbridge, Michelmersh, Hampshire.
He died from Paralysis, at the age of 79.
Mary Ann Moody Nee Newell was present at his death and she registered her father’s death on the 29th November.


Joseph and his family buried his Father Joseph on the 31st December 1860, at St. Mary’s, Michelmersh, Hampshire.


The 1861 census return, was taken on the, 7th April 1861. It shows Joseph residing at Newtown, Lockerley, Hampshire, with his wife Louisa and their Children, Sarah, Eliza and Jane.
Joseph was working as Broom Maker.

Name Age
Joseph Hewell 56
Louisa Hewell 56
Sarah Hewell 21
Eliza Hewell 18
Jane Hewell 12


On the 2nd April 1871, the census was taken. Joseph was still residing at Newtown, Lockerley, Hampshire, with his wife Louisa and their Daughter Sarah.
Joseph was still working as a Broom Maker.

Name Age
Joseph Newell 66
Louisa Newell 66
Sarah Newell 32


On November the 25th 1878, in Newtown, Lockerley, Hampshire, Joseph said his finally goodbyes to his Wife Louisa, as she closed her eyes for the last time.
Louisa died from, Paralysis, when she was 74 years old.
Joseph was present and he registered Louisa’s death on the 27th November 1878.


I can only imagine his pain, I know just thinking of loosing my husband, feels like my chest has been ripped open, all air is stolen from my lungs, as my heart breaks into a trillion pieces. I swear part of me will die with him and I will never feel complete again.
How any husband or wife, stays strong for their children after losing the love of their life, their soul mate, is beyond me. I can’t bare thinking about it, let alone living it.

Just over a year later, Joseph’s Son David passed away, on December 11th 1879, at Newtown, Lockerley, Hampshire. David was only 41 years young.


Loosing a son just after his beloved wife, must have been soul-destroying. No parents should ever have to bury their child. It’s beyond heartbreaking.
And still Joseph battles through the pain and continues to put one foot in front of the other, living the best he can.

The 1881 census, taken on the 3rd April, finds Joseph still living at Newtown. He was working as a Agricultural Labourer.

Name Age
Joseph Newell 76


Over the next 10 year, he buried more of his family. His daughter Emma, who died on the 22nd December 1887, at Number 3, Houndwell Place, Southampton, Hampshire.
His Sister, Eliza Terry nee Newell. Eliza died in the April/June quarter of 1888, in the Romsey District.
And also his Sister Mary Ann Moody nee Newell. She died in the July/September quarter 1890, in the Romsey District.

The 1891 census, taken on the 5th April 1891, shows Joseph living at, Butts Green, Lockerley, Hampshire, England.
He is living with his Daughter Eliza , Eliza’s Husband John Emm and their three children, Frederick, Walter and Rose Emm.
John Emm was working as a Agricultural Labourer.

Name Age
John Emm 49
Eliza Emm 49
Frederick Emm 14
Walter Emm 11
Rose Emm 6
Joseph Newell 86


I only have one more document for Joseph, his death certificate. 😢
Joseph Newell died on November 19, 1891, at Butts Green, Lockerley, Hampshire, England, when he was 86 years old.
His cause of death was from, Decay of Nature.
Joseph’s occupation was listed as Broom Maker (Master).
His daughter Eliza Emm nee Newell was present at his death and registered her father’s death on the 21st November 1891.


I’m sure Joseph was very tired at the fine age of 86, he would have been working hard since his young teens, if not younger. I think he deserved a good rest and to be once again reunited with the love of his life Louisa.
Joseph had great innings, something to be very proud of, especially as death came a lot sooner back then.
I’m very proud to called Joseph my 4th Great-Grandad, he lived a humble life, and gave life to 9 children, without his hard work, determination and genes, there wouldn’t be the Newell branch of our tree and there wouldn’t be me or my boys, my cousins distant or close, such as, my cousins Gavin and Paul who will proudly carry on the Newell name.
I thank Joseph for every battle he fought, every broom he made, every child he gave life to, every heartbreak he survived and for the humble life he lived.
I hope he is looking down on me, surrounded by his loved ones, my dad at his side, and he knows that he isn’t forgotten, that I’m extremely proud of him.

May He Rest In Peace.
Joseph Newell
1805- 1892



I have brought and paid for all certificates throughout Please do not download or use them without my permission.
Thank you.

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