Harry Herbert Money/Willats – Part Two.

Welcome back to the life of our one and only Harry Herbert Willats and the year 1899, in the southeast town, Margate, known for its sandy beach and entertainment on the pier.


Harry Herbert Willats, performed there, at the Hall by the sea, for the annual benefit of the manager, Mr Wm. Sanger (Documented in The Era Newspaper, 16th September 1899.)
The evening variety show was quite a big affair. Harry Willats, (comedian) performed with many others including, Royal Marines, Pat J Ricks and many others.


The Islington Gazette – April 25th 1900 shows that Harry Herbert was back on home ground and performed in, “Mr Walter Culmers Bonemain Concert,” at The Wellington Hall, Almeida Street, Islington.


The Islington Gazette – 5 Dec 1900 shows, Harry Herbert Willats and his Wife, Nellie Montague (Eleanor Kirby) performed with the “Victor Harmonic Society” at the Bricklayers Arms. Nellie performed as a Soprano and Harry, as a comedian.


Harry’s Wife, Eleanor gave birth to their first baby, a boy, on the 4th March 1901 at Number 40, Windsor Road, Upper Holloway, Islington, London, England.
They named him, Harry Richard Thomas Willats.
Harry Herbert Willats, was working as a Music Hall Artist. 🎶
Eleanor Mary, registered Harry (Jnr) birth on the 16th April 1901.
She gave her residence as, Number 17, Gloucester Road, Islington.


Harry Richard Thomas Willats, is one interesting charterer and I can not wait to share his story with you, which I promise to share in the next few weeks.

Later that month on the 31st March 1901, the census was taken, which shows, Harry Herbert, Eleanor and Harry Richard Thomas, boarding at 40 Windsor Road, Islington.
Harry was a Music Hall Artist, as was Eleanor.
They are living off their own account.


Harry and Eleanor were surely among the thousands who would have celebrated the coronation of King Edward VII at Westminster Abbey. On the 9th August, Edward VII and Alexandra, along with 30,000 men representing all areas of the Empire, paraded through the streets of London as thousands lined the route, waving flags and cheering their new monarch. Once they reached Westminster Abbey, the aging Archbishop of Canterbury anointed both Edward VII and Alexandra as King and Queen of the British Empire.
I’m sure it would have been a almighty buzz, standing in the crowds of London, watching History be made.


The Era Newspaper 20th February 1904, shows that, Harry and Eleanor aka Nellie Montague, performed at the L and N.W Palace of Varieties. (Miss Nellie Montague, versatile comedienne, Mr Harry Willatts, vocal comedian.)


On the 28th Feb 1904, Eleanor gave birth to a baby girl, at their home, number 11, Moreland Street, Tollington, Islington, London, England.
Harry Herbert and Eleanor, named her, Doris Eleanor Poppy Willats.
Harry Herbert Willats, was working as a Music Hall Artist.
Eleanor registered Doris’s birth on the 14th April.


The following year, on the 2nd December 1905, Harry’s Sister, Daisy Jean Maria Willats, died at Number 119, Black Stone Road, Stock Newington, Middlesex England.
Daisy died from, Acute Rheumatism (12 attack’s since childhood), Nodular disease of the heart 4 years, Lobular Pneumonia 3 days.
Edith Cameron Chalton Nee Willats, Daisy’s Aunt, registered her death on the 4th December 1905, she was also present at her death.
She was laid to rest at, Abney Park Cemetery, Stock Newington, London, England, in plot, Section DO6, index 5S05.


On the 19th March 1906, Eleanor Mary, gave birth to her third child, a boy, my Great-Grandad.
They named him, Reginald George Wilfred Willats.
He was born at their home, High Street, Brownhills, Staffordshire.
Eleanor Mary, registered his birth on the 4th April 1906.


Harry’s and Eleanor’s happiness was short lived, when three year old, Doris Eleanor Poppy Willats, contracted Meningitis.
The staff at the Great Northern Hospital in Islington, would have tried their upmost to help her. Heartbreakingly little Doris, died on the 9th April 1907 from Acute Septic Meningitis (Streptococcus) and Exhaustion.
Poor Eleanor, registered her death the same day, 9th April.
I can only imagine how hard that must have been, the pain, the numbness, the helplessness they must have felt. My heart bleeds for them. If only medical science was what it is now, she more than likely would have been saved.


6 days later, Eleanor Mary, Harry Herbert, and their two sons, Harry and Reginald (aka Reg), laid Doris to rest, at Finchley burial Ground, Islington, Middlesex, England.
She was buried in an open grave with thirteen other people, who were all buried between the 21st March 1907 and the 15th April 1907, in grave reference number, Z/3/15000.



Can you imagine how Harry and Eleanor, felt returning to their home, 22 Queensland, Road, in Islington, without their daughter. Its inconceivable. 😢
Finding out about baby Doris, touched me deeply.
If only she had lived, maybe, just maybe, Harry, Eleanor, Harry and Reg’s life’s may have been different. Maybe they would have gotten their “Happy Ever After.”
You can read more about our little hero Doris Eleanor Poppy Willats, here.

Harry Herbert Willats and Nellie Montague aka Eleanor Willats, performed with the “Great Northern Local Musical Society”, at the Headquarters “ Ye Old Belmont” York Road.

Harry pleased everyone in the manner he sang,
“She’s my Japanese Girl”
and Miss Nellie Montague
was highly successful in her song,
“She didn’t come from Boston.”


Harry and Eleanor, performed at the “People’s Hall” the week comensing 25th April 1908. Miss Nellie Montague, performed a budget of chrous songs. Harry Willats, comedian and actor-vocalist.


Harry placed a wanted advertisement on the 10th September 1908.

Wanted- Harry Willats, London’s Popular Light Comedian. Pantomine, Baron, Emperor, Demon etc. Combine S.M – Offers, 134 Gillespie Road, Highbury. N.


Harry and his family most likely would have been impacted economically by the people’s budget introduced in 1909/1910 by the Liberal Government in Great Britain. When the People’s Budget was passed in 1910, it was met with both praise and criticism. The brainchild of the “Terrible Twins,” David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill, the budget was written with the intent of balancing and redistributing wealth in Great Britain. The budget had been debated for a year since its presentation in April 1909 and it included high taxes on the wealthy and new programs to assist the poor and needy. The new tax revenue was to be used, the budget promised, to support pensions, unemployment insurance, health insurance, and free school meals for underprivileged children. It would also be used to build dreadnoughts for the Royal Navy as the country prepared for war against Germany. Conservatives and Liberals alike were skeptical about this new People’s Budget, both in Parliament and among the general public. By 1920, following the Great War, it was adapted but the Coalition government ultimately abolished it.


Harry and Eleanor, performed at the 30th annual dinner at the Bedford Arms, Andover Road, Islington, Middlesex, England. Harry, was warmly welcomed with his numerous renderings.


According to the London City directories, Harry was residing at Springfield Road, West side, Stoke Newington In 1910-1911.


Harry Herbrt performed with the “White Stars Concert Party”, at Ramgate, Kent, England, in 1911.
I found this Postcard for sale on-line of Harry and his White Stars.
(Harry is, back row, middle.)


That’s all for now, but please pop back next week, January 4th 2019, for part 3 of your journey into the life of “Harry Herbert Money/Willats”, were life changes beyond recognition for Harry, Eleanor, Harry and Reg.

Tata for now.


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  3. Hi there, it has been wonderful to find your blog as my great-grandfather was also Harry Willats by his second wife Helen May Hobbs. My Grandfather was their first son Jacky.


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