Let’s Go Racing

First day of race season has finally arrived for the Warpspeed Racing team. 😊 Well testing at least!
After a lot of hard work, modification over the off season it was time to see how the bikes would run.
It was a beautiful warm day with a slight breeze, more shorts and t-shirt weather than leathers and helmets but we weren’t complaining, definitely beats the usual bank holiday conditions. ☀️

Stuart Crane was first down start the line with not too many changes to the bike.
He was looking to blow off some cobwebs.
Stu had changed some gearing in the bike and ran a 7.6. The bike was over fuelling and ran flat and lazy.
Not the best pass for Stu but at least he had some numbers to look at before the impending race days.

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Dale Leeks followed, first time out on his new turbo bike.
He launched well off the line but had to abort the pass after his air filter popped off.
Dale stopped at the top of the track after bending a shift shaft and had to borrow Santa Pod’s wheel dolly to see his bike safely home to the team pit.
He said, his first test pass was positive.

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Finally it was Mark Smith’s turn to test his new Pro Mod bike, after changing from Prostock bike.
He launched well getting a 1.14  60ft but unfortunately he got squirted with fuel coming out of the bike half track and wasn’t able to change into top gear.
This resulted in his back wheel locking up after he had left the track and once again we had to use the wheel dolly to get back to the pits.
He ran a 8.7, looked and felt very comfortable on the bike.
However he did manage to blind spectators with his new red leathers, which apparently,

“ Shone bright like a diamond”


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Stuart had another lazy run straight afterwards, again over fuelling, this time running a 7.5.

Wasn’t quite the day we were all hoping for but at least it wasn’t race day!!
Today is sportsman, so no racing for us but a couple of gear boxes to repair should keep us busy and out of mischief.

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