The Main Event 2019

The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway, tested the Warpspeed boys but they had an awesome time.
The weekend was mainly a test run for them, with Smith’s (aka Father Christmas, check out those leathers) new Pro Mod bike and with the modifications made to Stuart’s and Dales bikes. You can read all about that here.
The Warpspeed team had a trying time but at least they blow the cobwebs away and got down the track, even if it meant rebuilding and changing engines.
The team got to Santa pod on the Wednesday, so they would be all ready to test and tune on Thursday.
You can read all about their day here.



The sun shone and the lads were ready to go and full of excitement.
Unfortunately Stuart didn’t manage to get down the track due to wiring issues.



After Dale destroyed his motor on the Thursday and spending all of Friday replacing engines, Dales managed to get out and ran a 7.2 and then a 7.1, which unfortunately did damage to the head, such a shame after all the hard work, time and energy his team had put in, to get him out on the track again.
Dale and his crew, had yet another late night, rebuilding his engine.



As for Smithy, he was a tad confused and for a spilt second he thought he was still was in prostock and in pure excitement he didn’t even wait for the lights and went hell for leather down the track.
On Smithy second run, he managed to press the button and play ball with the light and ran a 7.99, with flames coming out the exhaust pipe.🔥
They had a busy night ahead of them, but were determined to be ready for Sunday and hopefully a day full of racing.



It was typical Santa Pod weather, with lots of waiting around but the lads did get out for two runs.
Stuart red lit on his first run and still hadn’t qualified, with only one run left, the pressure was on.
Stuart’s next run was successful, running a 7.2, which put him in 8th spot, with no damage to his bike. well done Stu.



Dale didn’t manage to get out at all on Sunday as he was up to his eyes in it, fixing his bike.



Smithy managed two runs. The first run wasn’t the tidiest but ran a 8.2 with no damage or flames.🔥
His second run, wasn’t smooth but we kinda expected that due to being in a new class and him getting to know the bike, which unfortunately meant he didn’t qualify.


Image by Ian Blackett. Supplied by Mark Smith

Against all odds, Dale worked magic and was first out, up against Eric Richard. He was first off the line but unfortunately had to fight the bike off the wall and eric took the win.



As for Stuart, he was up against Rikard Gustafsson, who passed him at 1000ft, taking the win and landing 1st place.



All in all, the weekend was a rather busy for all at Warpspeed, they learnt a lot but had fun doing so.
They are now planning and getting ready for their trip to Germany, to compete in nitro Olympics.
Warpspeed would like to say a massive Thank you to their sponsors, Warpspeed Racing, Greens Plumbing, MPM Oil, Draper Tools and MDH Body Repair Centre,  their on going support and will hopefully see you all at Hockenheim.



Too-da-loo for now. 


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