This Day, The 21st October

The 21st of October is a date that sticks in my mind more than most, it’s a day that always fills my heart with sadness, fills my eyes with tears but also brings happiness, gratitude and joy to my heart.
Today’s date holds some of the most beautiful memories but also some of the saddest.
For today marks the anniversary of finding out that we had lost our beautiful cousin Amanda, late the night before, whom was taken way to soon and boy don’t I miss her and the most beautiful laugh you ever did hear.

Today also marks the day I last saw my Dad, alive happy but most of all healthy.
And although it saddens my soul deeply, my heart alights at the memories we shared on this day all those years ago before his life was so cruelly taken away, the last day spent with him in his true form, the man I will always remember and not the shell that was returned to us a few months later.
Thankfully the despair, the hurt, the anger has slowly been replaced with thankfulness that we got to make so many happy memories together and as a family.
Thankfulness that we got those last few hours together picking out, what turned out to be, the last and most precious birthday present, my Dad would ever buy for the one and only love of his life, his soulmate and best friend, my wonderful Mum.

Today also marks the day that our Mum was brought into this world, the day she completed a family, the day we celebrate her birthday and to be thankful that when we lost our hero our amazing Dad, that our Mum did what she does best.
She comforted us and held us altogether.
And over all the years that followed she filled Dads shoes the best she could and made our life’s happy ones. She gave us memories upon memories and loves us with every breath she takes, with every drop of blood that pumps through her veins.
So today marks the day that heartbreak is overshadowed with love and gratefulness. Gratefulness that we are more than lucky to have such a strong, loving devoted Mum. I give thanks to her for always being there, for being our strength, our guidance, and our best friend.
Today we will not cry for what and who we have lost, instead we will let light and love fill our hearts and rememberers how lucky we are to of had them in our lives, for the memories we’ve shared, and be grateful for how incredibly lucky we are to have Mum constantly beside us and celebrate her birthday.
Happy Birthday Mum, Kerry Hayley and I love you to the moon and back and then some.

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