Round Up, Round Up – October 2019

I can’t believe we are in November already, that Christmas advertising is everywhere.
October has been full on, and pretty exciting.
We brought a camper van, whoop, whoop.
His name is Phillippe .🚍
He’s a peugeot boxer classique and needs a little tlc.
You can read all about him here.
Restoration has started, all windows and the back door, have been taken out, resealed and put back in.
We found lots of tiny holes, 42 on the roof alone, and Mark has been working his socks of getting Phillippe water tight. Still more work to do but we’re getting there.
We have started ripping out cupboards, but due to the way Phillippe was made, we are going to have to do it in sections due to fear that he may collapse in on himself.
Mark, my hubby, has made a new back step for him and is in the process of putting it in.
Those pesky little holes, have caused rather a lot of damage/damp, so we have quite a bit of work to do before we get to the fun part, putting him back together and designing the perfect layout for us.
I am rather excited for this part and of course getting him back on the road. There isn’t really much I can do to help at the moment. I have too many questions and they slow Mark down and he would rather I shut up and let him get on with it. So I’ve started making some of the soft furnishings.

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🔨Operation Coffee Deck.
Not only the weather but camper van renovation, have stopped all work on the garden. Fingers crossed it will start again as soon as possible.
What’s been done so far is looking pretty damn good (when it’s not covered in leaves. 🍁) it’s such a shame it hasn’t got finished but you can’t fight Mother Nature.

🧐Family research.
It’s still not happening, there just isn’t time but on a happy note, I’ve had a few unknown relatives find my blog and comment, which is always exciting.
It’s so lovely to know that I have all this family out there waiting to be found.

What can I say, I suck.
Ice creams are just to tasty.🍦
November is the month I get back on track.
You heard it here first and now I have to stick to it, right?
I just wish there wasn’t anything to tempt me in the house. It would be so easy. And even easier if I had someone to do it with me, to keep me focused.

📸 Photography.
For those of you who have been missing Marks photography monthly posts, Photography The Beauty Of Life Captured, I’m sorry to say, he hasn’t picked up his camera in months.
Unfortunately the type of photograph he does calls for clear sky’s and no moon.
English weather being what it is, he just hasn’t had the right weather to get out.
The clear nights we have had, were a full moon and on the odd occasion that the sky was perfect, he’s had to go to work the next day.
If only bills didn’t have to be paid, food and clothes bought, he may actually get out there and do what he does best, capturing the most incredible night sky’s.
I miss his photos and the pleasure it gives him doing them.

Crochet 🧶
I feel rather stuck in a rut at the moment. I can’t seem to finish anything, maybe that’s because I keep starting something new.🥺 (Head hung in shame.)
I did however finish the, corner to corner blanket for my twin sister Hayley, which was my main focus throughout October. I will get around to writing a post about the yarn I used etc, I promise. Freezing time would be good right about now. ⏰

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I’ve joined in on two Crochet Alongs.
The first one is the Rozeta Scheepjes CAL 2019 by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk.
The crochet along is hosted my Scheepjes and you can find all the information on Tatsiana’s website here and also on the Scheepjes website here.

The blanket uses many different types of crochet from tapestry crochet to overlay crochet.
We are now on Part 4 of the Cal, finished with the tapestry crochet and now starting the overlay crochet section.
I adore overlay crochet but I was pretty new to tapestry crochet and I’ll admit it’s not my favourite thing to do.
I’m also using a yarn I have never used before called, “Our Tribe” by Scheepjes and it’s taken me a little while to get use to.
The texture is gorgeous and so soft but the yarn does go from normal thickness to very thin and then really thick.
This would not normally bother me but with tapestry crochet you carry two different colour yarns constantly and when you are trying to hide the other colour yarn colour it’s rather tricky.
I’m working with a colour pack with is a creamy biscuit colour yarn and black. The black shows through a little and that bugs the hell out of me.
It’s more than likely, the case that I need more practice to get better at carrying the yarn.
It’s kinda making me lose a little bit of my excitement.
The overall blanket is beyond stunning, a real show stopper, so I have to fight my ocd demons of perfection and get on with it because it will be gorgeous when it’s done. Please don’t let me put you off trying the yarn or buying a yarn kit because the yarn really is gorgeous with a cherry on top. 🍒 I will definitely use it in the future for different projects.


The second Cal I started is the, FIESTA CAL by Tinna Thórudóttir
And all I can say is,
I’m in love. ❤️


Week two of the cal has just been released so there is still time to jump on the bandwagon.
You can buy the pattern here and find the YouTube videos here.
If you Crochet nothing else this year, make sure you join in on Tinna’s Cal, you’ll truly regret it if you don’t.
It is a paid cal, well sort of.
The YouTube videos are free so you can follow along with them. The pattern you have to pay for but it’s less that a cup of coffee and worth every penny.
Tinna’s patterns have so much information and help in them, they are clearly written and just a dream.
I’m working from the pattern alone but the YouTube videos are great, you’ll be hooking along in no time at all.
Tinna is actually still working on her own fiesta so we all get the added bonus of discovering how it will looked finished. I’m so flipping excited. 😆
I’m not going to tell you any more about it for the minute  but please pop back, over the next few days.
Here is a sneaky peek of mine.


I started to make another one of Tinna’s patterns called,
“Terrazzo Afghan”, which I am going to make into a cushion for Phillippe.🚍
It’s yet again another cracker of a pattern. When you’ve mastered the first repeat, it will be plain sailing and your be hooked, line and sinker.
It’s it just something else.
You can find the pattern here.

I think that sums up October, well apart from numerous dentist and hospitals appointments, but you don’t want to hear about that boring stuff so I’ll sign of here and hopefully see you back here for Crochet Crush, October 2019. Before I go, I must say thank you to Tinna, Tatsiana and Scheepjes Yarn, for allowing me to use their gorgeous photos. It’s always such an honour.

Until next time,
Too-da-loo for now.


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