Corona lockdown is hard on everyone but imagine being locked down on your own with only yourself for company.
I imagine you can’t even keep yourself busy by cleaning your home because isn’t everyone else that makes the mess.😂
Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown my gorgeous Sister In-laws Rache, has been home alone, so my other beautiful Sister In-law Sarah, has been setting Rache a daily challenge.
They have been pretty awesome so far especially the poem challenge that Sar set.

The challenge was to write a poem about Isolation.


Rache is prettydamn awesome at writing poems and we all look forward to her posting them. We all waited on tender hooks to see what see would come up with.
I’m sure you will agree that she did a fantastic job, so much so I just had to share it will you, with Rachel’s permission of course.

A poem about isolation, god where to start,
This bloody crap virus has forced us apart!
It already feels like its been such a long time,
But going out is a no, now considered a crime!

I cannot lie I have shed a tear,
Not able to see the people I hold so dear!
But this is what its got to be,
Until the day we can again be free!

People are stockpiling and shelves are bare,
STOP IT you fuckwits, you’re being unfair!
Leave enough for the vunerable and for the old,
Don’t fill up your trolley, do as your told!!

6 packs of loo roll you dont even need,
It is pure and simply just bloody well greed!!
So rein it in and think about others instead,
So hopefully they wont have 2 take 2 their bed!

We still have eachother, & this facetime thing,
So I sit here n wait for my phone go bing!!
We can have a beer, chat n laugh n b funny,
But really I dont need 2 c u sat on the dunny!😂

My hair is a mess and my hands are so dry
My legs are all fuzzy, I aint guna lie!!😂
But I will keep washing & creaming my hands,
Lol, its not like I’m busy and got any plans!!

Its so quiet n peaceful while I have my puff,
Even made myself jump wen I did little guff!!😂
No sounds of cars or planes or trucks,
Im on my own so no steamy f**ks…..😂😂

Lol think now its time to say a toodle loo,
Be safe, be healthy, look after you!!
When this is all over we can make a date,
Be it on your head if you’re bloody well late!!😂

©️Rachael Green.



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