Watch over me

Watch over me Daddy,
Keep me warm and safe,
Stop my mind from going insane.

Watch over me Daddy with these angelic eyes,
Hold me close in your wings and never let me go.
For I will be with you one day,
and you will kiss my forehead softly and tell me it will all be ok.

I dream of seeing your face, so pure and out of pain,
Just knowing you forgive me and love me just the same.

Daddy you are my strength, my weakness, my heart.
And I pray you will meet me at heavens gates,
But until then daddy,
Watch over me,
keep me warm and safe, Be my strength, my honour, my hope.

And I’ll love you unconditionally until we meet again.


Christopher John Newell

3 May 1950 – 16 April 1997

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