Warpspeed Racing At The STP National Finals.

The Warpspeed Racing team were in high spirits as they headed to Santa Pod Raceway, for their last meet of the season, The STP National Finals.
Would this be the meet two of our team would go up against each other in the final? That would be one awesome interesting race!🤔

Saturday morning we woke to an misty overcast sky with a slight chill in the air. 
Round 1 of the qualifiers, Stuart Crane and Mark Smithy aka Smithy, were up against each other.
It was an all round good race with no breakages.
Smithy had shift issues but nothing major. Stuart took the win with an impressive 6.62 seconds at 196.19 mph. Smithy wasn’t far behind running a 7.21 second run at 178.52 mph.
Both bikes were in one piece and after normal maintenance they were ready for the round two qualifiers.

Round two unfortunately went a little petetong.
Stuart ran a bye but broke at about 100ft out, resulting in a broken clutch basket gear, which exploded through the engine casing and the carbon body, hitting Stuart in the chest. Thank goodness he was fine, the bike not so and the end of the meet for him unfortunately.

Smithy’s launch was ok but the bike pulled left. He then had transmission issues which resulted in him shutting off the throttle and rolling through.
He ran a 7.92seconds at 145.34mph.
After checking over the bike, the shift shaft, shift forks and the gear input shaft were all damaged, resulting in our fantastic team spending the rest of the day, right round to 4am mending the bike and fitting the new “Warpspeed Racing” billet hurricane head. 
They worked their socks off so Smithy could get out for the first eliminations.
We really do have the best team and can not thank them enough for working incredibly hard over night so we could continue to compete.

Sunday morning we woke to a head wind, misty sky’s which thankfully broke and the sun shone.
With partly rested eyes, The Warpspeed team gave the bike the once over and were soon called to the fire up lanes.
Smithy was up against Roger Moore. As you can see below Roger had a good reaction time of 0.2900. Smithy was a tad slower off the line, with a reaction time of 0.52. The bike shifted left again. Smithy pulled it back and took the win with 7.45seconds at 154mph.
However the exhaust fell off about half track, thankfully no damage was done.

With a quick turn around, the Warpspeed Racing team, headed to the semifinals. Smithy was up against Tony Clark.

I’m gutted to say that the bike died on the line and the meet was over.☹️

As the season came to an end, we look back with mixed emotions. It’s been an up and down season, that’s for sure.
Lots was learnt, money was spent, new personal bests were made and records were broken, (well done Stuart.)
Even with more breakages than we would like, it’s still been an awesome season racing, where memories were made with the best of friends.
The Warpspeed Racing team has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and we will be back next year, stronger and faster than ever. 
We also welcome back teammate, Dale Leeks, making Warpspeed Racing a three bike team once again.
Welcome back Dale, we are looking forward to seeing what you pull out the hat also seeing your new swanky race truck.

We would like to say Thank you to all our sponsors and continued support at the track.  A huge thank you to Stuart Crane proprietor of Warpspeed Racing, for your sponsorship and going above and beyond to make the season as successful as possible. We really appreciate everything you have done this season.

See you all back at the track in 2022.
Too-da-loo for now.


Photos courtesy of George Lacoste. Thanks George.

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