The Life Of Charlotte Feltham 1844-1899

I feel the overpowering need to document the lives of our ancestors, because if the facts are written, there is a slim chance they will never be forgotten. That their lives have somehow imprinted upon those who read their stories. Even though I can never fill these pages with our own memories or their personalities, (how I wish I could,) I can do my best to tell their lives through documentation.

Today marks the day, the day that I start my own journey, a journey into my Children’s and Husbands ancestry. Its not a road I walk lightly, if anything its even more important to get my research right and give them my upmost respect, the respect they deserve. I solemnly swear to give each and every one of them, as much time, respect, honour and love, as I give my own ancestors because without these wonderful souls, my hubby and boys, wouldn’t be who they are today. I owe that so much and love them just as deeply as my own.

I wish to start this chapter off with the great honour of sharing the life of Charlotte Feltham, my Children’s, Paternal 3rd Great Grandmother.

Charlotte Feltham 1844-1899

Charlotte Feltham was born on the 31st August 1844, in Laverstock, Wiltshire, England, to Maria Feltham Nee Brown and John Collins Feltham, a Labourer. 
Her Father John, registered her birth on the 27th September 1844. 
He signed with an X. 
Laverstock is a village and civil parish on the north-east and east outskirts of Salisbury in the ceremonial county of Wiltshire, England. The parish is shaped like a figure 7 and incorporates Ford hamlet, the eastern half of the former manor of Milford, the area near the ancient settlement of Old Sarum, and part of the Hampton Park district on the edge of Salisbury.

Charlotte was baptised on Sunday the 17th November 1844, at St. Andrew’s, Laverstock, Wiltshire, England. 

St Andrew’s Church – There is the possibility that there was a Saxon church here that was rebuilt in the Norman period. If that is not the case a Norman church was the first church in the community. In 1225 Bishop Poore appropriated the church and its income to provide offerings to the priests present at daily mass in the new Lady chapel at the new cathedral. The first known incumbent is Johannes de Netheravon in 1305. In 1410 a fire at night destryoyed the church and the priest’s house as well as nearby houses. The church and priest’s house were rebuilt following an appeal by the Bishop. This church survived for over 4 centuries but in 1853 it was said to be ‘very damp and ruinous and the walls and roof are pronounced wholly insecure’. It was said that there was accommodation for 128 adults and 28 children, mainly in the galleries. At that time there was still an Early English chancel and a 13th century doorway with traces of Norman work. The church was demolished and all that remains is part of a buttress and some foundations in the churchyard to the west of the present church. The new church of 1858 was designed by T.H. Wyatt, cost £2,353, and used parts of the old church that were of architectural or historic value, including glass, parts of the porch and memorials. The west and south west windows now contain fragments of 13th century grisaille (greenish gray) glass from Salisbury Cathedral. This had been removed by James Wyatt in 1788, broken up and thrown into the city ditches. It was painstakingly collected by Canon Stanley Baker, vicar of Laverstock, who placed some of it in Laverstock church in 1933. He is buried in the churchyard here. The parish registers from 1726, other than those in current use, are held in the Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office.

Charlotte Feltham lived at Milford Hill, St Martin, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England on Sunday 7th April 1861, which her parents, John and Maria Feltham and her sister Mary.  Charlotte, John and Maria were all working as Agricultural Labourers.

John Feltham48
Maria Feltham48
Charlotte Feltham18
Mary Feltham8

On the 18th March 1863, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Charlotte gave birth to a Son. She named him, Charles Williams Feltham. 

He was baptised on the 21st July 1865 under the name Charles Feltham Williams. His Father was named as Charles Williams, a Porter. They were residing at, Milford Street.

Charlotte Feltham married Charles Williams, a 23 year old labourer, at The Westleyan Chapel, Church Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, on 31 August 1864 when she was 21 years old. They were both residing at Milford Hill, Salisbury at the time of their marriage. Their witnesses were John Mitchell and Ann Tribbick. Charlotte signed with an X.

Their daughter Sarah was born on the 12 October 1865, in Salisbury.

They baptised Sarah on the 5 November 1865, at St Martin, Salisbury.
They were residing at Milford Street
Charles occupation was given as a Shop Porter.

Charlotte’s Husband, Charles Williams, died on 20 October 1866 at Salisbury Infirmary, Fisherton Anger, Britford, Alderbury, Wiltshire, England, when he was 24 years old and working as a Railway Porter, at the time of his death. He died after he was accidentally crushed between the buffers of two railways carriages. The informant of his death was R.M.Wilson, the coroner for New Sarum. An inquest was held on the 22nd October 1866. How would you even begin to recover from such a tragic loss.

On the 27 October 1866, the Salisbury and Winchester Journal Newspaper published an article about Charlottes, late husBands death.

More sadness followed, when Charlotte’s Mother, Maria Feltham Nee Brown, wife of John Feltham, a General Labourer, died on the 1st October 1868, at Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, when she was 55 years old. 
She died from Chronic Disease of the Lungs and Heart. 
Charlotte, was present and registered her Mothers death, on the 1st October 1868.
Maria was laid to rest on October 3rd 1868 at St Martin, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

The 1871 census, taken on the eve of Sunday, 2nd April 1871, shows Charlotte Williams, a widow residing at Number1, Derby Court, 76 Milford Street, St Martin, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, with her Son, Charles and Daughter Sarah Williams, also her Father, John Feltham, a Widow. 
Charlotte is working as a Charwoman and John is working on a farm as a Farm Labourer. A charwoman (also chargirl, charlady or char) is an old-fashioned occupational term, referring to a paid part-time worker who comes into a house or other building to clean it for a few hours of a day or week, as opposed to a maid, who usually lives as part of the household within the structure of domestic service. A charwoman might work independently, often for cash in hand, or might come through an employment agency.

Household MembersAgeRelationship
Charlotte Williams27Head
Charles Williams8Son
Sarah Williams5Daughter
John Feltham58Father

Three months later, Charlotte, married a gentleman named Samuel Green, a labourer aged 28 years old, at The Register Office In The District Of Alderbury, Alderbury, Wiltshire, England, on 19 July 1871 when she was 28years old. 
Samuel was a Bachelor and Charlotte a Widow. 
Samuel was residing at, St John Street, Southampton and Charlotte was residing at Milford Street, St Martin, Salisbury, at the time of their marriage. 
Their witnesses were, Alfred Matthews and Harriett Green. 
Charlotte signed with an X.

Later that year, Charlotte gave birth to a baby Boy in the December quarter of 1871, in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

He was baptised on the  14th January 1872 in All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire.

Charlotte and Samuels son, Samuel Edwin Green, was born in the December quarter of 1873 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

A few year later, Charlotte gave birth to her 4th Son Daniel Ernest Green, at 2 Cross Street, Southampton, Hampshire, England, on 3 March 1877. 
Mary Woodley of Cross Court, Southampton was present at his birthday and registered it on the 14th April 1877. 
Charlotte’s maiden name wasn’t included on the birth certificate.

Charlotte Green, was mentioned in, The Portsmouth Evening News, Second Edition, on Tuesday the 25th June 1878. It read –

Abusive Language – Jane Read a young married woman was charged with using abusive language towards Mary Covey, age 16, in Bridge Place. The case was dismissed, on defendant paying the costs of the summons. Dependent was then charged with assaulting Charlotte Green but this case was re-manded till Wednesday.

The following year, Charles gave birth to her 5th Son on the 6th October 1879, in Southampton. They named him Sidney Green.

On Sunday 3rd April 1881, Charlotte was residing at Number 3, Bridge Place, Southampton, Hampshire, England, with her Husband, Samuel and Children, Charles, Sarah, Daniel, Sidney, George and Samuel Edwin Green. 
Her Husband Samuel, was working as a Stevedore at the docks.

Samuel Green30
Charlotte Green31
Charley Green18
Sarah Green16
George Green11
Samuel Edwin Green7
Daniel Earns Green4
Sidney Green1

In the December quarter of 1882, in Southampton, Charlotte gave birth to her 6th Son Arthur Green.

In the year 1889, Charlotte’s life came to an end. She died on Friday the 27th of December 1889, at her home, Number 19, Cross Sheet, King Street, Southampton, Hampshire, England, when she was 47 years old. 
Charlotte died from Cancer.  
Her husband Samuel was present and registered her death on the 28th December 1889.

Charlotte, was laid to rest on Tuesday the 31st of December 1889, at Southampton Old Cemetery, Hill Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, England, in Row Q, Block 124, Interment 9, Internment Number 49873.
Charlotte Husband Samuel was later laid to rest with her. 

RIP Charlotte, 1844-1889
Long gone but never forgotten.


I have brought and paid for all certificates throughout,
Please do not download or use them without my permission.
Thank you.

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