We all carry inside us, the people who came before us.

I woke this morning to my DNA results from Ancestry. I am more than a little shocked at my results.
After having my mums and my sons DNA taken I was kind of expecting to be mainly Great British, with maybe a little Irish thrown into the mix.
My results reveiled a totally different, kettle of fish.😵

My ethnicity is made up of –

  • 41% Europe West.
  • 29% Ireland/Scotland/Wales.
  • 26% Great Britain from Southern England.
  • 1% Scandinavia.
  • 1% European Jewish.
  • 1% Iberian Peninsula.
  • <1% Europe South.

I’m pretty chuffed about my Irish, Scottish and Welsh results, I’ve always been extremely proud of my Irish heritage. I’m shocked that it is higher than my mums 25%, as she is a generation closer to our known Irish roots and I haven’t yet come across and links to Ireland, Scotland or Wales on my paternal line.
Maybe the unknown Father of my great, great-grandfather Frank Rudgely is the key.
Trying to find the father of Estella Rudgely’s three illegitimate children is one of the main reason I had the DNA test taken, fingers crossed I find a match.
As for the 41% Europe West result, that totally baffles me, I was not expecting that at all.

I have added mine and my mum’s raw data to GEDmatch. If you would like to check them against your own dna, our kits numbers are,

  • Mum’s – A778776
  • Mine – A710097

We would love to hear from you if you do match. 📧



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