Round Up, Round Up – February 2019

February has been very much like the weather, it’s teased with signs of spring, the blossoming of snowdrops and the smile of daffodil, while the reality of winter festers deep within our bones, it’s cruel, ice-cold winds continue to blow up around us.
It’s been pure delight to feel the sun upon our faces as the winter sun melts away the beautiful morning sparkle that covers Mother Earth. Just like life, within it’s beauty, the realism of the balance, that good and bad must come hand in hand.
Life isn’t always easy, it tests us at every turn, it sings the most wonderful melodies and drags us into the pits of sorrow, pain and suffering. It’s these moments that define us, they make us strong, they form our personality’s, our passions, our loves and hates. They teach us not only the will to survive but also the magic that comes when life is on our side. It teaches us to be grateful for life’s smallest blessings. To laugh instead of cry. And although I wish I could take the pain and suffering of others away from them, all I can do is be there for when they need me, as they are for me.

February has been a mix of research, crochet and a wonderful weekend away, a Birthday treat from my hubby, to one of my favourite places, Lyme Regis. It’s not very often that we get time alone, just the two of us, where we can let our worries drift away and once again see how beautiful life can be. To enjoy each other’s company and feel the love for one another that gets bogged down in the stresses of life. It was just what we needed.


We finally had a few of Marks Milkyway photographs printed. Two on aluminium and one on acrylic. They were really a test to see how they would turn out, as Milkyway photographs often loose detail when put on canvas or standard print.
We were not disappointed, they look incredible, especially the aluminium.
If you haven’t seen my hubbies fantastic photography please check out his photo series, Photography, The Beauty Of Life Captured. And don’t forget, if you fall head over heels in love with them, you can always order one. You won’t be disappointed, they look amazing up on the wall.

There really isn’t much to say about how much sugar and carb free lifestyle change is going, I’m trying my best.

We have however purchased a, railway sleeper raised vegetable garden, which gets delivered today. 😀 We are going to have a go at growing our own salad, herbs and a few vegetables.
We are totally out of our comfort zone and have no idea what we are doing but it’s worth ago, or giggle when it all goes wrong. 🤣
I was also brought a mini greenhouse for my birthday so I can try to grow something that looks and tastes similar to tomato’s chillies and peppers.🌶

🧐Family Research.
It seems lately, that no what I call “proper research” gets done, I just seem to go back over what I’ve already researched. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing, it’s always good to check your research and double-check, there aren’t new records or documentation out there, but I miss that feeling, the buzz of discovering something new.
With my 52 week challenge nearly at an end, hopefully it will free up some time to get down and dirty in the land of dusty documentation and hopefully discover some new teeth gritting information.
Research this month, has been totally consumed with looking through the newspaper archives, hunting for any article that related to Dick Montague.
It’s surprising how long this took, especially the time it took to log every article with links to the source. I’m more than sure I’ve missed a few along the way but every article found, especially if it had a photo of him, was a little buzz or should I call it a butterfly dancing in my heart. Each one is a jem and I’m more than glad I took the time to hunt log and document each one.

So what comes next in the line of family research for intwined?

I have a few ideas up my sleeve, one being a guest blogger, my Sister In-Law Sarah. She is spending her free time researching one of our joint ancestors, and she will be sharing his life with you.
This will kick off a mini series about my children’s paternal line, which interlinks many times with my paternal line.
I’m also going to do a mini series about my Grandparents. This will include my Maternal Nan and Grandad and hopefully my paternal Grandma and Grandad, if I can gather enough information about them. I’m hoping my Uncle Stephen and Richard, can help me out with this by sharing their memories. Fingers crossed I can pull it off.
I’m also contemplating writing about our links to famous people or lords and ladies, it’s still just a thought at the moment, so we’ll see.

With my forever growing list of projects and patterns I want or need to make, I never feel as I’m getting anywhere fast. It seems that I never achieve as much as I wanted, but that life for you. We all want to achieve more than time allows. I think I did ok though.

I’ve made another, “Briar Rose” by Vanessa at, “Hooked on Sunshine”. I’ve called this one, “Blossoming Briar Rose”
I adore this pattern, it’s definitely one of my favourite patterns.
It’s simple but stunning and always a joy to make.
I won’t go too much into the nitty-gritty as you can read all about it here.


I’ve also made a few hats,
Hartford Slouch Hat, by AlyseCrochet, in Paintbox Simple Aran, colour Slate Grey.

Finley Newsboy Hat, by AlyseCrochet, in Paintbox Simple Aran, colour Slate Grey.

Finley Newsboy Hat, by AlyseCrochet, in Paintbox Simple Aran, colour Vanilla Cream, but without the brim. This turned out a little smaller than I was hoping for, but it’s a good size for a child or a young teen.

Divine Hat, by Sarah Arnold, in Paintbox Simple Aran, colour Midnight.

And two, Simple Slouch Hat by Alexis Middleton, in Paintbox Simple Aran, colour Midnight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also been working on my, Twisted Granny 2, it’s coming along slowly but hope to finish it soon.


As for my Scheepjes Stonewashed Havana, it’s unfortunately been well and truly hibernating. 🥺

For my Mum’s, “Nuts About DNA Afghan”, I’ve made the following squares –

BuffleHead 12″ Texture Afghan Block Square By Margaret MacInnis


Clarissa by Helen Shrimpton, at


Northern Diamond Square II by Torun Johansson

and the Tristan, border by Polly Plum


Ariane by Diana Krenz


And for my, “Loopy Stitch Lapghan” I’ve made the following squares –

BuffleHead 12″ Texture Afghan Block Square By Margaret MacInnis


Clarissa by Helen Shrimpton, at


Northern Diamond Square II by Torun Johansson and the Tristan, border by Polly Plum


Ariane by Diana Krenz


🧶Crochet Crush.
There are so many beautiful patterns being released at the moment, the designers are keeping us on our toes and our to do lists are larger than ever. I swear I’ll never be able to complete mine even if I live way into my 100s.
I would say there are two that stand out the most for me but as my next project is one of them, I’ll keep that firmly under my belt for the moment. With yarn at the ready, I’m itching to start it. How I’ve held off for the last few weeks while I desperately try to finish my Twisted Granny, is beyond me.

If I didn’t have certain things I have to make over the next few months, this months crochet crush would jump to the top of my list and if I’m truly honest with myself it would already be on my hook. I’ve yarn sat patiently waiting and colour placement firmly in my mind.

So what is it?

It’s the gorgeous Marguerite Blanket by Sandra Eng.


Sandra’s talent is outstanding, she’s up there with the best of the best and I’m in awe of her talent.
The Marguerite Blanket is Sandra’s very first cal (crochet along), and what a fantastic job she is doing already.
Social media pages dance with colour, as daisy flowers fill my feeds.
I’m a sucker for anything Daisy, I think it’s the hippy in me trying desperately to be let out to play, sadly my age is now against me, and I feel more than self-conscious about being too old to be who I once was.
Sandra’s delightful blanket is just so very perfect for my inner youthful hippy that desperately trying escape.
Not only is the Marguerite Blanket perfect to snuggle under by a roaring fire, a single motif would make, great dinner place-mats, hot pot mats, look fantastic framed and make the prettiest cushions.


You can find out all about the Cal on Sandra’s website MobiusGirl Design, here.
The FAQ, here.
The motif pattern, here.
And of course the, whole blanket, here.
You can even get a free colouring sheet, to design your own colour combo.


Sandra outstanding talent can also been seen on Instagram, Facebook and her Facebook Group.
Please go check her out.
I must say a huge thank you to Sandra for kindly allowing me to share her blanket and photographs with you all.

I think that about sums up my month of February, so until next time, Too-da-loo.


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