The worlds gone crazy!

I’ve heard or read so many comments like, “Well they are old or sick!” in the last few weeks, it’s kinda disturbing to be honest.
What we forget is that those so called old people fought for our freedom, they lived through years of rationing, nights even days in air raid shelters. The rebuilt our country after the wars. They gave us LIFE.
As for the people who have bad health, they are mothers, wife’s, husbands, sons or a daughters, they are everything to the ones that love them. They have as much right to live as everyone else.
The world has gone crazy but more so incredibly selfish.
Think twice before you stock buy, or say the words “Well they are old or sick, they’re going to die anyway!!!
It truly saddens me that, we are now being classed as disposable.

3 thoughts on “The worlds gone crazy!

  1. Don’t despair Georgina, some people are very selfish thinking only of tthemselves ,but there are a lot of nice people still around, Thank God.,this will pass love take every precaution you can and have faith that all will be better soon.. love NaN x x x


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