Round Up, Round Up – April 2020

While May gave us beautiful summer days, the delight of bursting rosebuds, the mouthwatering aroma of bbq’s, and hope that June will be equally as marvellous, all the while the world is at it’s ugliest, it’s poorest and its scariest.
Covid 19 has left so many people grieving for lost loved ones. Unemployment is at its highest and fear runs rings around those of us who have underlying health issues.
And still we long for normality.
As schools begin to reopen and people return to work, I fear that it’s all to soon, that we are making a big mistake.
We humans are good at making mistakes, big mistakes. But if returning to something that is far from our normal to quickly I fear it could be the biggest mistake so far.
With our beach’s and parks filling with family’s soaking up the glorious weather, dipping their toes in the still waters, my fear is at its highest, as its seems the world may already be forgetting the dangers that lark waiting for our stupidity.

Covid19 is still taking lives and that is frightening, very frightening.
I don’t fear for my self but I do fear for my loved ones, my Children, my Husband, my Mum, my Father In-law. I fear for the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable. I fear for the lives of our doctors and nurses.
I understand that we can’t hide away forever, that life has to restart, money has to be made, shops have to reopen, the economy has to restart before we fall deeper into dark waters, I just believe it’s all happening a little too fast. So Please think twice and question your decisions to return to life as we once knew it. Life and death is in our hands, please don’t live the rest of your life in regret and guilt, that you could have passed on the deadly virus to your loved ones.

2020 has been the most awful year, it’s making history that’s for sure. From the devastating fires that burnt through Australia, killing all those precious animals, burning down homes and taking lives, the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, to the murders and riots that consume America right now. It’s heartbreaking, beyond heartbreaking.

I’m no expert I’m just a simple girl, whom wears her heart on her sleeve and feels too deeply. But I’m sure I’m not alone hoping Racism would be a thing of the past by now but the horrors I’ve seen on public media over the last week, makes me sick to my stomach.
It saddens my soul, that an Innocent humanbeing had to die, for the eyes of the world to open and see how many lives have been stolen or destroyed just because they have a different skin colour.
Are the human-race that shallow, they can’t see a person for who they truly are without making judgement based on the colour of someone’s skin.
It’s beyond heartbreaking to know that history hasn’t taught people anything and I know I’m not alone when I say I fear that America may be heading towards a civil war. I pray they aren’t, I truly do.

Something has give, change has to happen!!!


The human-race needs to wake up and see that no matter your skin colour, your gender, your religion or your sexuality, we are all human and deserves respect, love and honour. EACH AND EVER LIFE MATTERS!!!


Let’s lighten the mood and let me tell you about our May.
We have spent most of it in the garden, finishing up our garden makeover that I named Operation Coffee deck. I can finally say through the largest of smiles that it is 98% done and I Love, Love, Love it.
My hubby Mark has worked his socks off and I’m truly grateful for his talents.
I’m not going to say too much more as I am halfway through writing a reveal post. We have take lots of photos and I’m sure when you see the before photos you’ll see what an incredible job Mark has done.
I have been helping him but there was only so much I could do, like painting fences, sheds etc and planting up flower beds and our new vegetable patches. Yep we finally are going to give growing our own vegetables ago. Wish me luck.
Hopefully the local cats won’t continue to use them as their own personal cat little box and destroy all our hard work.
If you know me I’m a cat lover through and through but I can’t say I was best pleased to discover not only are they using our veg patches as their loo but also our new deck. 💩
I’m not really sure how we can stop them without upsetting our own furry friends Kitty and Munchkin. If you have any tops and tricks please let me know.



Renovation Phillippe.
We’ve had to stop play for the last few weeks mainly down to lack of materials at home and at our local B&Q. What wood they do have isn’t up to the standard Mark likes to work with and their supplies are shockingly low.
As I am still shielding we have been as careful as possible. If Mark has to go out to the shops it’s only because it’s a must so numerous visits to the hardware stores just isn’t the safest right now.
However we have a deadline to get him finished so hopefully work will resume shortly, then an mot and we can let the adventures begin.



In truth I’ve hardly picked up my hook and it’s been a welcomed break. However I have managed to finish the Arabia Lapghan I was making as a thank you gift for our dear friends and neighbours, who have gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic.
You can read all about it here and find all links and yarn amounts and also cost.

I’ve also managed a few more rows on my waffle bedspread.
This is my go to project for when I need to shut off my mind and watch mind numbing tv while shutting out the world.
I’m totally smitten with it and can’t wait to snuggle up under in when we finally get to spend a night away in Phillippe.

I’m slowly but surely getting there on the Indiana Lapghan. I’ve only got two more pattern motifs to make and I can start the border.


Family history.
Research has been nonexistent but my Nan Doreen Townsend nee Willats, made history by turning 90.
Although her birthday couldn’t be spent surrounded by family, I believe she had a lovely day even though lockdown was still in full swing and social distancing stopped all the birthday hugs she should have gotten.
For those of you that are interested you can read a little about her life, here and here.
Today (actually yesterday when I wrote this) marks 95 years since my 2nd Great-Grandmother, Eleanor Mary Willats nee Kirby, aka Nellie Montague, died.
Eleanor has to be one of my all time favourite ancestors. She sent me on many a wild goose chase trying to discover when she died. I finally discovered the truth while completely my 52 weeks challenge.
Eleanor had a pretty incredible life, though hardships and heartbreak ripples through her life, I believe she finally found peace. I really hope that was the case.
You can read more about her amazing life, here, here and here.

I think that just about sums up our May, I know June will be very different with Mark and Con back to the grind of their day jobs, which is already proving to be problematic.
All I can do is hope that the people surrounding them keep to the social distancing guild lines and they don’t bring Covid 19 home with them.
I also hope that June will welcome peace between men and that we can all begin to see some light and hopefully one day in the not to distant future, we will get to hug our families once more. How I’ve missed those hugs.
Until next time, please stay safe, healthy, find some peace and see only the good in people.
Too-da-loo for now.


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