Round Up, Round Up – July 2020

August, the month of sun kissed apples and falling stars. Ripening grain in the fields, the scent of tree-ripened fruits, and hot buttered corn on the cob straight from the fields. Vivid dahlias fling huge tousled blossoms beautifying gardens, while the mouthwatering smell of bbq’s and the delightful squeals of children playing as they make the most of their carefree summer days.
Sun filled beach days, with soggy sand dusted sandwiches, sandcastles and tranquil sunsets as the sea water tickles toes.
Summer days are for making treasured memories. Memories which will fill old age with smiles, laughter and joy.
Soon autumn will be with us and the world will take on a new beauty, as we snuggle into our favourite hoodies and wrap ourselves in the softest blankets, drink hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and toast chestnuts over our first open fires.
With all the nasty, negative, frightening stuff that is going on in the word right now, it’s so important to remember the good, the magical and the beauty that life has to offer.
We need to make the most out of every day, smile until our cheeks hurt and laugh from the belly. It’s time to notice the smallest delights that we normally would miss, like butterflies dancing, bees collecting pollen, glistening sunbeams and fluffy clouds.
When was the last time we all laid on the grass, looked up to the sky and found pictures in the clouds or stars. It’s such a simple but magical thing to do.
Give yourself the time is remember those simple things in life. Open your mind and let’s your imagination run free.
Open your eyes and see the beauty of simplicity.
Get lost in a good book and let you mind I vision the characters, their surroundings and their emotions.
Close your eyes and listen to the breeze rustling through the trees, the songs of nature surrounds us, if only we took a minute to get lost in it’s beautiful melody.

Let’s drown out the negativity.

How many of us, actually took the time to see and listen to the beauty of our awful July weather?
Did you hear the pitter patter of rain drops falling heavily from the sky, as the drum beat of thunder played its own mesmerising tune and the crash of lighting as it lit the sky?

July even with its awful weather, was in its own way a pretty good month even though it had its hurdles.
I stepped up to my insecurities, took the bull by it’s horns and gave it my all. I challenged myself and boy didn’t it feel good when succeeded.
You may remember last month I told you how I longed to learn wood work or should we say master diy.
Well I actually picked up a few power tools and gave it my best shot. I actually did ok and I’m pretty pleased with myself. I would even say I’m proud of myself.
I now know how to use a table saw, a mitter saw, a drill and circular saw. I even learnt how to spray paint, something I have always been scared to try.
The circular saw I found the hardest to use because of my height. I couldn’t quite see over the top of it to follow the guild line pencilled onto the wood I was cutting. Being a half pint means my arms match my body and my reach isn’t the longest, meaning I couldn’t reach the distance I needed to reach across to cut the entire length of the wood. Thankfully my awesome hubby, who has been teaching me my new favourite pass-time, was there to finish the job for me.
He’s been pretty amazing as I’m sure I’ve slowed him down tenfold. He been so patient and I greatly appreciate it and love him more fore it.
It takes me a very long time to master new skills due to brain fog and medication, as well as my brain working in it own unique way. It’s very good at remembering memories but not so good at remembering facts and figures etcetera, etcetera.
This never really bothered me before as I love that I have a great memory for all our precious memories. But when you are determined to learn new things, it’s kinda hard on the old self-esteem not being able to remember the facts and instructions.
I’ve beaten myself up for years over this but now I’m slowly learning to accept this is just how I am. I now even take the mickey out of myself. I guess you have to laugh or you would be forever in tears.
Do you know what tho, to see something I made by my own hands, with power tools and help and instructions from my hubby, hanging on our wall, is a wonderful feeling. And even though cutting down a scaffolding plank to size, fixing brackets to it, to turn it into a shelf, drilling holes in the wall and hanging it maybe the simplest thing to many, it’s a pretty big achievement for me and I’m super proud of myself for making it but more so proud of myself for giving it ago. It took a lot of courage and strength to get past the disbelief in myself.
I guess after my whole school life being told I’m thick and I will never amount to anything, has cut me deeper than I thought.
It holds me back from trying the things I really want to learn because I’m scared of failing, I’m scared of letting people down or proving them right, that yes I am a failure. You know what, I’m sick of feeling that I’m worth nothing, that I will never achieve and I’m determined to show them that they were wrong, but also show myself that actually I can try my best and that best effort is all that matters. It’s not the succeeding but the trying that matters the most. I tried, I learnt, I succeeded and that feels pretty dam good.😁

Crochet 🧶
It’s been pretty slow going as I pulled a ligament in my arm and I haven’t been able to do any but you know what, that okay, sometimes it is nice to have a break and change it up a little. When my arm is healed I will look forward picking up my hook again to finish the projects I have on the go.
I am disappointed that I couldn’t finish my nephew blanket in time for his birthday. Thankfully he understands and is happy to wait.


When the pain hasnt been to bad, I have made a few stitches on my waffle blanket which is 3/4 finished.
Omg it’s the most snuggliest blanket ever and I love it.

I hope I can finish it in time for our weekend away in our camper Phillippe but I’m not going to put myself under any pressure as I need my arm to heal.

Phillippe 🚍
Talking about Phillippe, I love, love, love him.
He’s looking so good and getting close to the finish line.
We have spent the dry weekends working on him and he’s coming together beautiful.
We have finished the sofa/seat area and one lower kitchen cupboard has been handmade and awaiting its doors to be made. We have made the larder door and also the bathroom door 🚽. Which are both ready for painting. Mark has plumbed in the sink and the hob is now working. And I’ve spent a few days out in him painting. It all coming together. 😁
We have slept in him a good few times, parked in front of our house, so we can get a taste of what works and what doesn’t, to see where improvements have to be made. This has been extremely helpful in getting Phillippe the perfect fit for us.
I highly recommend doing this if you are doing up a camper/rv or building a small house, cabin, storage container home or Airbnb. It really does give you a good taste for how it will flow, what works and what doesn’t.
We hope to get a good crack on her over the next few weekends but she off to have her mot and some welding done, so fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

Right, I best sign off as my rambling has taken up to much of your time already.
Have a wonderful month and please pop back soon for part 2 of our garden makeover series, my monthly crochet crush and I hopefully a roundup of my favourite instagram diy accounts I follow. There are some ladies out their who are Super duper talented and I’m in awe of their talent.
Too-da-loo for now.


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