Round Up, Round Up – August 2021

As summer welcomes Autumn, the sun takes a step back, the leaves lull themselves to sleep and autumn is awakening, we must remember, although Autumn is traditionally a season of letting things go, it can also be a season of renewal and rebirth. 
It can be a time to adopt a fresh new outlook on life and find enjoyment in the little things. 
From hikes in the forest, to apple picking and pumpkin patches, Autumn is the best season to get out outside with friends and family and take in the beauty.
As we return our shorts and summer dresses to our wardrobes and dig out our warm cozy hoodies. We can swap sandals for boots or wellies we can make the most of kicking the leaves and jumping in puddles. Or just sit quietly and watch nature burst into its last beauty, as it shows us it’s grand finale.
And when the leaves fall graciously dancing in the breeze, waving goodbye to summer, it’s time to snuggle under blankets and cozy up with a delicious mug of cocoa.

With Autumns foot firmly in the doorway , what can I say about August 2021, it’s been crazy busy.
As you may already know our youngest turned 18 at the end of July. We treated him and his girlfriend a staycation in my favourite place in the world, Brighton.
We have always had him at home for his birthday so it was a bit of a wake up call not seeing him on his birthday especially his 18. It was strange him not being here and an eye opener into the future but he had a marvellous time and that’s what counts.
When he got home, we celebrated at his restaurant of choice, Sakura in Bedford Place,Southampton.

Sakura is a Japanese restaurant, Specialising in Japanese Cuisine,  including Sushi, Ramen, Rice and Noodles.
Apart from Calum, we haven’t eaten Japanese food before. We are not great lovers of sea food so the through of eating Sushi, turned my tummy a little. Got to say, we were all pleasantly surprised.
We had a really lovely evening with the Newell side of our family, the food was spectacular and the company even better. How I’ve missed getting all together.
I highly recommend a visit to Sakura, I’ll definitely book again in the near future and I may even up my game and try something a little more risky.

On the Sunday we celebrated with our Green side of our family. 
Praying for sunshine, we did our best at preparing something addable and fired up the bbq 🍗
While the beef brisket was smoking happily away we decorated the garden and continued to pray that rain would say away.
Just on que, as everyone arrived the heavens opened and didn’t really stop again. 
Bless Mark he soldiered on and cooked up a storm, which was rather delicious if I do say so myself. Got to say my first attempt at coronation chicken wasn’t bad either. 
Rain didn’t stop play and we had a lovely late afternoon, early evening with the best of company, even though we were a little soggy. 
I’m sure if the sun had shone it would have been a whole lot nicer, but when you’re spending time with your nearest and dearest it really doesn’t matter what the weather does.

We have also celebrated my Mother in-law Janet and Father In-law Roger’s birthdays and their 50th Wedding Anniversary, as well as our 22nd Wedding Anniversary.


Those little monsters are still at it, eating everything in sight. 🐌.
I haven’t let it stop me from spending as many hours as I can in the garden while the sun still shines. 
I mainly just potter, deadheading, pulling weeds  and busy myself by potting on my poppies, foxgloves and the other seeds from my July subscription box of seeds from The Floral Project Flower Club, ready to plant out over the next few weeks.
I have been subscribed to the Floral Project Flower Club for a few months now and I’m loving it so far. 
It’s been designed to help you sow and grow so you have plenty of cut flowers to give away to your family and friends.
If you are new to gardening like I am, it’s the perfect way to learn. 
Each month you are sent five of the easiest-to-grow cut flowers seeds, sidestepping the overwhelming question of  ‘Which seeds do I sow when?’ 
I have found it incredibly daunting knowing what and when to sow seeds, The floral project flower club has taken that pressure away, I just have to wait for happy mail to pop through my door every month. 
With all life’s stresses it’s one less thing to worry about. The work is done for you. It pretty damn cool. 😎 
The Floral Project Flower Club also provide instructions so you know exactly what to do with them and then as each seed becomes a seedling, then grows to a beautiful flower, ready to cut and put into jam jar posies and bouquets, you can share your achievements in Floral Project Community, as well as get advice and be inspired by others who are all growing along with you. They are such a friendly bunch who are always willing to help.
The September Flower Kit, kicks off the 2022 flowers by sowing hardy annual seeds. We sow them in September, plant them out into the garden before the first frosts where they will overwinter and burst into flower early 2022. 

The September kit includes

Ammi majus: Tall plants with airy white lacy flowers make the perfect foliage accompaniment to your arrangements. 200 seeds (approx)

Cornflower: (Double Flowered Mixed) Easy to grow, these Cornflowers in pink, white, mauve and blue will flower like crazy and bring pops of colours to all your posies. 55 seeds (approx)

Nigella: (Persian Jewels Mixed) Also known as Love-in-a-mist, these unusual star shaped flowers are beautiful when used as fresh flowers in the vase and their seed heads can also be dried. 200 seeds (approx)

Larkspur: (Blue Spire) These tall spires with their tiny flowers bring height and elegance to your posies. As they fade, the flowers bring a vintage-y feel – simply breathtaking. 200 seeds (approx)

Corncockle: (Rose) It’s the texture of these flowers that make them so special with their velvety stems and simple flowers. 85 seeds (approx)

I can not wait for them to arrive through my door. 🚪
I’ve been a bit naughty and treated myself to a few packs of seed from Sarah Raven, as well as some shade loving plants. 🪴 
I’m very interested in seeing the difference in Quality compared to where I normally get my plants from. Watch this space to see if buying from a specialised actually does make a difference.

As my passion grows, Im fastly running out of room, my tiny cold frame is chockablock, spilling over into my summerhouse, I’m desperately in need of a greenhouse.
Luck was on my side, my hubby managed to score me a free greenhouse from Facebook Market.
I’m so flipping excited and can not thank him enough for finding it and taking the time to dismantle and bring it home.
It’s going to be a little while before we can get it up as our weekends are crazy busy for the next month or so. 
I’m giddy with excitement.
Talking of excitement, I had the most amazing gift arrive on my door step, two absolutely gorgeous “David Austin Roses”, a gift from by sister Kerry.
One arrived full of flowers and oh my they are the most beautiful roses I ever did see. The other is covered in buds, I can’t wait for them to reveal their beauty. I can’t begin to express how special those two roses are to me. I will treasure them always, well as long as I don’t kill them.


I’ve continued to work on my Berber Afghan – Overlay Mosaic by Abi McIntyre. It’s growing nicely but very, very slowly.

I really haven’t had much time to crochet of late due to lots, I mean lots of hospital and doctors appointments. I’ve even been trying a bit of in car/camper crochet just so I can squeeze a little crochet time in.


My health has been my biggest concern this month.
I’ve been feeling more unwell than normal and it’s been hard, really hard.
Without going into to much detail, I had a really hard time landing myself an appointment with a doctor. Finally after a lot of upset, I finally managed to see a doctor and all I can say is what a lovely caring lady. For the first time in a very long time, I felt like someone actually cared and was interested in how I’ve been feeling. I even received a text that  evening from her.
I can’t tell you how great it feels to be treated as a human being instead of a number.
Even though it wasn’t the greatest news, a weight has been lifted and hopefully after the blood tests, scan and ecg in the upcoming weeks I may actually get some answers and hopefully start to feel a little better.
I’ve also seen by my diabetic nurse Elizabeth, who also has been brilliant. I can not fault her.
And even though she gave me the news that my diabetes has worsened, that I now have to inject insulin daily, she somehow took the fear out of the situation.
The last few weeks have definitely been a learning curve, but it’s been made so much easier by having professionals who actually care. 
I must say a huge Thank You to my wonderful Mother In-law Janet for running me around to all my appointments. I really can not be more grateful and would be lost without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️


With a new lease on life, aka new MOT, we are on an adventure. We packed our bags and we hit the open road. 
With one stop already booked, the excitement level is high as we make our way to the cotswolds, Sqquealllllll!!!!!
For those of you that have watched “Clarksons Farm”, you’ll know exactly where we are staying. We have two nights booked at “Chipping Norton Camping and Caravanning Club”, right next door to Jeremy Clarksons Farm and I know that Mark will constantly be on the look out for Jeremy, Kaleb and Gerald.
Fingers crossed the farm shop is open and isn’t too busy so we can buy ourselves some bee juice and cow juice. 
Mark is very excited, I mean very excited.
You’ll have to pop back soon to hear about our stay and where the open road takes us after.

Stay safe guys.
Too-da-loo for now.


One thought on “Round Up, Round Up – August 2021

  1. Such a pleasure to read babe. You should be so proud of yourself with all your endeavours. So glad you are finally getting some help and hope you start to feel better soon. Love you loads and loads xxx


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